What Games Will Be Released On PS Vita In 2013-2014

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What Games Will Be Released On PS Vita In 2013-2014
What Games Will Be Released On PS Vita In 2013-2014

PS Vita is a new portable set-top box from Sony. A small console with the latest technology will allow the buyer to play the latest games with good graphics and gameplay.

What games will be released on PS Vita in 2013-2014
What games will be released on PS Vita in 2013-2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)

A game developed in the Fighting genre by NetherRealm Studios. In this game, almost all the characters of the DC Comics universe collide in one battle, such as: Flash, Superman, Batman, Croc and many others. The user is given the opportunity to go through a single company or take part in a variety of battles. The storyline tells the story of how good heroes try to resist the forces of darkness. In a variety of battles, the player is given the opportunity to choose any hero and fight either with friends or with artificial intelligence.

Tearaway (2013)

Adventure platformer from Media Molecule studio. The player will have to travel through an amazing world made of paper. The main character is the herald of Iota, who needs to deliver a particularly important message. During the journey, Iote will meet both friends and enemies. The game has good cartoon graphics, unique gameplay and a fascinating storyline. Also in various missions, the touchpad built into the PS Vita was involved. Thanks to this feature, the game becomes unique in its genre.

Ratchet & Clank ™: QForce (2013)

Platformer, arcade from the third person. The player will take on the role of the former president of the galaxy named Quark. He strives all his life to find adventure. At this time, an unknown villain captures several large planets and wreaks havoc on them. Now Quark, together with the team of heroes "K", must defend their own galaxy. QForce is the sequel to the acclaimed platformer series and also features a unique atmosphere, large arsenal of weapons, multiplayer modes and much more.

Borderlands 2 (2014)

Popular first-person shooter that has won over 50 different awards. The player needs to choose one of four characters, each of which has unique abilities. The gamer is waiting for the huge world of "Pandora", in which the hero will meet many friends and enemies. The player can easily go through the main storyline or explore the world. The user is given the opportunity to improve his character and his weapon with experience points. In addition, Borderlands has a cooperative mode in which several players can simultaneously go through the storyline or fight in the arena with opponents.

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