How To Record A Stream

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How To Record A Stream
How To Record A Stream

Video: How To Record A Stream

Video: How To Record A Stream
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Among many people who are interested in the world of the Internet and computer games, there is such a thing as a stream - broadcasting of gameplay. To some extent, this is similar to football - the action that takes place on the screen is accompanied by comments.

How to record a Stream
How to record a Stream

What is Stream?

From English, the word "stream" is translated as "streaming". Simply put, a stream is a person's personal television channel that allows you to broadcast on the Internet what is happening on your computer. Most often, such "shows" are organized by the players of computer games.

People who record game reviews, or simply share their tactics with others through such broadcasts, are called streamers. Most often, the player comments on what is happening on the screen, conveying important information about the game to the audience. You can watch the stream only at the time of the broadcast.

Becoming a streamer isn't easy. You need to be able to interest the viewer, and not just puff into the microphone. If only fragments of phrases sound, then no one will watch the stream.

To record a stream, you need a powerful computer. You also need a good video card, for example, a GeForce GTX 760. The processor should preferably be of the i7 series, RAM - at least 4 GB, and the Internet - from 10 Mb.

On a weaker computer, of course, you can create a stream too, but this will affect the quality of the video. But this is one of the main factors when choosing broadcasts.

How to create a stream?

One of the most popular streaming programs is OBS. You can download it from the official website.

After the program is installed, you need to go to "Settings", then select "Broadcast". Select "" in the "Broadcast service" item. In the "Server" column, "RU Origin" will be automatically selected, and you do not need to change it. Then, in the Play Path / Stream Key window, you need to copy the parameter called Stream Name. It can be found in the letter that the streamer will receive after registration, or in the personal account.

Next, you need to adjust the quality of the outgoing stream. You need to go to the "Encoding" tab and set the "Maximum bitrate" - 2500. If you leave a lower bitrate, the image quality will be poor.

Then it remains to configure the screen capture. In the main screen of the program, in the "Scene" window, right-click and select "Add". Next, in the "Sources" window, do similar manipulations and select "Desktop". The name can be left as default, the settings - unchanged. Then you should click "OK", which will take you to the main window of the program. By clicking the "Preview" button, you can see the capture of the desktop.

This completes the stream setup. You can start broadcasting by clicking the "Start broadcast" button. Remember that most games that run in full screen will not be visible to viewers. Therefore, they need to be switched to windowed mode.

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