How To Open An Internet Port

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How To Open An Internet Port
How To Open An Internet Port

Video: How To Open An Internet Port

Video: How To Open An Internet Port
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Port is a system resource that is allocated to an application requesting Internet access. For the program to function normally, the port must be open, otherwise the connection will not be created. Port opening can be done using standard system tools.

How to open an internet port
How to open an internet port


Step 1

In the Windows operating system, the Internet Connection Firewall is responsible for blocking ports. This application is used to maximize the protection of the system from malware and unnecessary traffic losses when working in the network. Firewall is blocking unused gateways.

Step 2

Go to "Start" - "Control Panel". In the window that opens, click on the search bar and enter the query "firewall". Select Windows Firewall from the results.

Step 3

On the left side of the application that opens, select "Advanced options". Next, click on the "Inbound Rules" link, and then use the "Create Rule" menu.

Step 4

The Rule Wizard window will open. By selecting the "For the program" item, you can open the ability to receive and send data through the specified port. If you click on the "For port" link, you will need to specify the number of the gateway to open. If you need to unlock multiple system resources, enter the desired range (for example, 51000 - 51005). Through the "Configurable" menu, you can open access to a specific port for several programs at once.

Step 5

If you are no longer using the open gateway, you must close it to avoid endangering the system. In the middle part of the Inbound Rules window, select the previously created rule for the application, and then disable it with the right mouse button.

Step 6

You can check the status of open ports using the netstat console command. To enter it, open the console through the menu "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt".

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