How To Open A Port In A D-Link Modem

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How To Open A Port In A D-Link Modem
How To Open A Port In A D-Link Modem

Video: How To Open A Port In A D-Link Modem

Video: How To Open A Port In A D-Link Modem
Video: how to open port in D-link DSL-2640U Modem 2023, April

Client devices for connecting to the Internet are widespread among users. In the process of work, it is often necessary to open a port in the D-link modem. For example, many games and communication programs will not work if you do not assign specific ports for these applications in the settings.

How to open a port in a D-Link modem
How to open a port in a D-Link modem


Step 1

Open the web interface for configuring the modem, it is made in the form of a web page accessible from any browser. Launch Opera, Chrome, or another program with which you browse network resources. Type the address of the modem in the address bar, by default it is

Step 2

If this page does not open, you should click the "Start" button, select the "Run" menu ("Find programs and files") and enter the command cmd. A console window will open, in which write Ipconfig and press the Enter key. Find the section "Ethernet adapter" and in it the line "Default gateway". The network address of your modem will be listed there. Remember it and type in the address bar of your browser.

Step 3

Enter your username and password in the modem authorization window. If no one has changed the settings, it will be the admin login and the same password. Click OK to go to the device settings page. Sometimes an empty field is used as a password - try different options.

Step 4

Open the Advanced section of the modem menu. In some firmware versions this button is moved to the main page, sometimes it is hidden in the WAN section. So if you didn't see it right away, look at the other settings pages. When you open this menu, you will see subsections, including Port Forwarding. This feature can also be called Port Mapping, Virtual Servers, or Port Triggering. Click on this item.

Step 5

Click the Add button to add a new port opening rule. In the Name field, enter a name for the rule in Latin letters, for example, the name of the program for which the port is being opened. Then enter the port number and your ip-address in the fields provided for this. Specify the communication protocol, that is, TCP or UDP. If in doubt, you can create several rules with different protocol options. Click the Save or Apply button to save your changes.

Step 6

After creating all the rules that you need, reboot the modem using the Reboot button. When the connection is restored, the modem will open the ports you specified for access.

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