How To Write A Response Letter

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How To Write A Response Letter
How To Write A Response Letter

Video: How To Write A Response Letter

Video: How To Write A Response Letter
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E-mail has become a part of the life of a modern person. Created on any mail resource, e-mail allows you to receive letters, send responses to them, short and with the addition of various files.

How to write a response letter
How to write a response letter


registered e-mail


Step 1

It is very easy to write a reply letter to its sender. But for this you need to look into your email box. If you do not use the autosave function for credentials, you will first need to enter your username and password in the appropriate fields to log into your e-mail.

Step 2

Once on the main page of your mailbox, on the right, find the link labeled "Inbox." Open the window and select the letter you are going to reply to. Click Read. The received letter will appear on the next page. You can answer it by clicking the corresponding function on the top panel of your e-mail. After clicking on the "Reply" button, write the required text in the body of the message and click "Send".

Step 3

You can also select the "Quick reply" item at the end of the letter. If you need to add an additional file to the letter (document, music, image or video), click the "Attach" button. Then indicate the location of the document that you want to include in the letter, and click on the words "Open". Wait for the file to attach, then send the email. You can also take advantage of the advanced design options for the letter by choosing the appropriate subject, font, color and other parameters for it.

Step 4

By the way, with this method of responding to a letter, you will not need to additionally enter the recipient's address, since it will automatically fill in the "To" line.

Step 5

You can also send a reply by creating a new email. To do this, select the "Write" option on the top panel. Then, in the "To" line, enter the recipient's e-mail address or add his e-mail from the address book. You can also type the first characters of the address, and the system will give you all similar addresses. You just have to choose the user you want. In the "Subject" column, enter information about the letter or, if you wish, leave this field blank. Then click "Submit".

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