How To Limit Ping

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How To Limit Ping
How To Limit Ping

Video: How To Limit Ping

Video: How To Limit Ping
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The gameplay will depend on the player's ping on a particular server, or rather, on the ping value: whether there will be freezes, lags, other failures, or the game will, as they say, "fly". And the higher the player's ping, the greater the risk of some unpleasant phenomena. Limit ping on your server to avoid any interference.

How to limit ping
How to limit ping


Step 1

For example, the famous Counter Strike game will be considered. First, open the directory with the game server, then go to the cstrike / cfg folder. Using the simplest text editor "Notepad" open a file called mani_server.cfg in order to limit the ping. Find the mani_high_ping_kick value in this file and put a 1 after it to enable ping limiting, or zero to disable it.

Step 2

Next, the restriction function is configured. To do this, write down the maximum ping value for players on this server in the mani_high_ping_kick_limit line. The recommended value is from 200 to 300. You shouldn't bet anymore.

Step 3

Use the line kick_samples_required to set the maximum number of latency checks for a player before being kicked out of the server. A check is performed with a frequency of 1 time in 1, 5 seconds.

Step 4

To capture the content of a message that will be seen by a player kicked from the server for a ping, use the mani_high_ping_kick_message line. After this line, enter the text, do not forget to enclose it in quotation marks. After making all the necessary changes in the settings, restart the server - the changes will take effect.

Step 5

To set ping limits, you can use a plugin called Better-Hpk. In the amxx.cfg file, write hpk_ping_max, and then enter the player's maximum ping value. You can separately set the maximum ping value during the night period. This is done using the hpk_ping_max_night command.

Step 6

Set the night time starts and ends accordingly with the hpk_night_start_hour and hpk_night_end_hour commands. Use the hpk_ping_time line to set the interval between checks.