How To Make A House In Minecraft

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How To Make A House In Minecraft
How To Make A House In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A House In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A House In Minecraft
Video: Minecraft: How To Build A Survival Starter House Tutorial (#4) 2023, March

Those who have just started playing one of the most popular games should learn how to make a house in Minecraft. It will take a lot of materials to build, but it's worth it. Home will be a refuge when night falls. And the beautiful houses in Minecraft will cause enthusiastic exclamations from other players.

How to make a house in Minecraft
How to make a house in Minecraft


  • - brick or stone blocks;
  • - wooden blocks;
  • - glass;
  • - wool at will.


Step 1

Building a house in Minecraft begins, as in life, with the construction of the foundation. This will require the use of any durable materials. Brick or stone blocks are optimal. The foundation blocks must be close to each other at the same level.

Step 2

Now start building the walls. Some players build houses in Minecraft with a thickness of 2 blocks, but this does not look very aesthetically pleasing. But such walls will protect well from enemy attacks. The material used for the construction of the walls is brick. Wool is often used, but only for beauty. Wool will not provide any protection, but white blocks will look great.

Step 3

When building walls, don't forget to make windows and doors. Looks beautiful if wooden blocks are used in construction as frames. The more windows there are, the better the view will be when you are in it. And then you can be prepared for any possible attack.

Step 4

Now you need to build the ceiling. Any tree can be used for this. Cover the entire top with it. If you wish, you can leave free space for the stairs and make either the second floor or the attic.

Step 5

Now we are making the roof. It will look beautiful from dark wood or other dark materials. The roof is made in the form of a pyramid. Each row should narrow. Any complex roofs can be made on request. Here the flight of imagination is unlimited. The remaining 2 triangles of the roof can be repaired with either light wood, glass or mosaics.

Step 6

Well, you need to finish the construction by building a staircase to the entrance. This will end the construction, but the interior decoration will begin, which is no less important and interesting.

Step 7

To clearly understand how to build a house in Minecraft, watch the video. Perhaps it will help you a lot.

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