How To Make Roman Numerals

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How To Make Roman Numerals
How To Make Roman Numerals

Video: How To Make Roman Numerals

Video: How To Make Roman Numerals
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The Arabic system for recording numbers is rightfully considered the most convenient: it was originally created not just to indicate the number of units and numbers, but for scientific purposes. Compactness of writing is the main difference between Arabic numerals and other systems based on writing numbers in letters of the native alphabet, in particular, Roman numbers.

How to make Roman numerals
How to make Roman numerals


Step 1

Switch your keyboard layout to English. Roman numerals are printed in letters that are presented in the English language and are borrowed from the Latin alphabet. If desired, press the Caps Lock key, but you can replace this key with a short press of Shift - all numbers are indicated in capital letters.

Step 2

Remember the basic numbers by which you can navigate when writing down Rice numbers. The unit is designated by the letter I (English "Ai", Latin "I"). Five - with the letter V ("Vi" or "Ve").

10 - X ("Ex" or "X")

50 - L

100 - C

500 - D

1000 - M

5000 - ↁ

10000 - ↂ.

Step 3

When writing a smaller number (one unit, ten, hundred, thousand), the corresponding letter is written to the left of the larger number: IX = 9, CD = 400, etc.

Step 4

A number that exceeds in volume one of those presented in the table is indicated by the corresponding number of units, tens, hundreds or thousands to the right of the main one. Example: MMXX = 2020, MC = 2100.

Step 5

The general rule for writing large numbers corresponds to the Arabic system: first thousands, then hundreds, tens and ones. In smaller numbers, the number indicating the difference between the existing number and the symbol is written to the left of the larger digit: MMXIX = 2019.

Step 6

A complete list of numbers up to a thousand is shown in the illustration. Based on it, you can continue counting to five and ten thousand.