How To Enter A Wireless Network

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How To Enter A Wireless Network
How To Enter A Wireless Network

Video: How To Enter A Wireless Network

Video: How To Enter A Wireless Network
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Wireless networks built using Wi-Fi technology are created to combine mobile devices into a single group. Typically, such networks are set up in public places, offices or homes.

How to enter a wireless network
How to enter a wireless network


Wi-Fi adapter


Step 1

To be able to connect to a wireless network, you need an internal Wi-Fi module or its external analogue. All modern laptops have built-in adapters. If you need to connect a stationary computer to a Wi-Fi network, then purchase an additional adapter that connects to the PCI slot of the motherboard or USB connector.

Step 2

Update the Wi-Fi module drivers and turn on this device. Some mobile computers have a dedicated key for controlling the wireless adapter. If there is no such button, open the Device Manager menu. It can usually be accessed from the Properties menu under My Computer.

Step 3

Find the item "Network adapters" and expand the list of installed modules. Right-click on the name of the Wi-Fi adapter and select "Enable" or "Enable".

Step 4

Now open the "Start" menu and select "Network Connections" or "Network". Find the icon that says "Wireless Network Connection", right-click on it and select "Enable". Close this menu.

Step 5

Left-click on the network connections icon located in the system tray. Select the desired wireless network. Click the Refresh button if the access point you are looking for does not appear in the list.

Step 6

Click on the name of the required network and click the "Connect" button. If the network is protected with a password, then after a while an input field will appear. Fill it in with the characters you want. Click OK. Wait until the parameters of the network adapter are updated after completing the connection with the access point. Check if the network connection is active. To do this, open a browser window and go to an arbitrary web page.

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