How To Set Up A D-Link Wireless Network

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How To Set Up A D-Link Wireless Network
How To Set Up A D-Link Wireless Network

Video: How To Set Up A D-Link Wireless Network

Video: How To Set Up A D-Link Wireless Network
Video: D-Link Router Internet and wireless network setup (first use setup) 2023, May

To create local networks, specialists use modems, network hubs or routers, which are important to be able to correctly configure for stable and fast work at a computer. Today, the most significant and demanded manufacturer of network equipment is the D-Link company, which has established itself in the market for the construction and maintenance of all kinds of local networks.

How to set up a D-Link wireless network
How to set up a D-Link wireless network


Step 1

Select a Wi-Fi router. If you do not plan to connect a large number of devices to equipment, you can choose a simple, but no less high-quality budget router model.

Step 2

Unpack the device and all accessories. Read the attached instructions. Connect power to the equipment.

Step 3

Connect the internet connection cable to the WAN input. Be careful and check with the provider in advance by what means the Internet access is provided. If you are using the provision of DSL Internet services, it is important to purchase a modem with DSL input in advance.

Step 4

Connect the network cable that comes with the device to one of the four available LAN ports. Connect the other end of the cable to the network card of your computer or laptop.

Step 5

Turn on your computer by pre-configuring the network card and installing the appropriate drivers. Then turn on the equipment with the button, which is located on the body of the Wi-Fi router.

Step 6

Open any of the browsers available on your computer: Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc. Enter the IP address of the router in the address bar. For the D-Link Dir-300 model, which is recommended to be purchased for home, this address will be as follows: After entering the information in a separate window, the equipment settings menu will open.

Step 7

Select "Network Settings" from the menu. Go to the choice of the data transfer protocol. Enter your username and password and follow all subsequent steps to connect to the provider's server. All the necessary data can be found in the contract that was concluded in advance with the Internet service provider.

Step 8

Go to wireless setup. Open the Wi-Fi Setup menu. Set the SSID (name) for your wireless access point.

Enter the password that will be required to access this very specified point. Select the necessary parameters from the proposed ones that your wireless devices connected to the D-Link router can work with. Save all changes.

Step 9

Reboot D-Link. To do this, you can use the power button or disconnect the equipment from the network for a few seconds. Turn on the router. Connect the required wireless devices to the configured Wi-Fi access point.

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