How To Open The Spoiler

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How To Open The Spoiler
How To Open The Spoiler

Video: How To Open The Spoiler

Video: How To Open The Spoiler

To design messages or other information on sites, different tools are used. You can often find so-called spoilers. To get acquainted with the contents of the spoiler, you need to open it.

How to open the spoiler
How to open the spoiler


Step 1

A spoiler is information that may prematurely reveal the intrigue: retelling the plot of the film or its key episodes, the outcome of any matches, games, and the like. In a broader sense, a spoiler is used to hide part of a message with text or an image.

Step 2

To create spoilers, special tags are used: opening [spoiler] and closing [/spoiler], alternatively tags [More] and [/More] can be used. The text to be hidden must be between the opening and closing tags. Such spoilers can be inserted either using the standard BB code panel, or typed in the form of a message yourself.

Step 3

To hide part of the message under the spoiler using the BB codes panel, click on the corresponding Spoiler icon (More) in front of the text, and then after the text. Alternatively, highlight the fragment you want to hide and click on the Spoiler (or more) button once. Some sites have a Close All Tags button to check that the codes are being used correctly.

Step 4

Sometimes, along with spoilers, additional tags are used to restrict access to a message or part of it for certain groups of users, for example, those who are not registered on the site or who have not typed the required number of messages.

Step 5

In the message, the spoiler looks like a Spoiler button or a link-line with the inscription "Read more". To open it, just left-click on this button or link. The text hidden behind the spoiler will become available for reading. To collapse the text back under the spoiler, click the same button or link again.

Step 6

If there are additional restrictions on viewing the hidden text, you need to fulfill the stated conditions: register on the site, join a certain group, or type the required number of messages.

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