How To Make A Helicopter In Minecraft

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How To Make A Helicopter In Minecraft
How To Make A Helicopter In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Helicopter In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Helicopter In Minecraft
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Many "minecraft" at some point in successful gameplay begin to dream of expanding the boundaries of acceptable actions. They often think about not only getting valuable materials, fighting monsters, erecting various buildings, arranging farms, but also, for example, climbing up over their possessions in a self-crafted plane or helicopter.

In "Minecraft" you can make at least a whole air fleet
In "Minecraft" you can make at least a whole air fleet


  • - special mods
  • - crafting table
  • - iron ingots
  • - iron blocks
  • - boards


Step 1

If you are eager to build such a flying machine, you will not be able to do it without special mods. Several of them are very popular among gamers - in particular, MC Heli and THX Helicopter. Choose the modification that suits you personally, and download an installer for it from any Internet resource dedicated to various Minecraft plugins. After downloading, move the contents of its archive to the mods folder of your Minecraft Forge. Enjoy the new gameplay possibilities.

Step 2

Start the game and go in search of resources for crafting. In the event that you liked MC Heli more and you installed it, you will have three options for helicopters available: EC-665 Tiger, AN-6 and AN-64 Apache. To create the first and third variants of flying machines, you only need iron blocks, and for the second - also ingots of the same metal (they are obtained by firing in a furnace). To craft the AN-6, you will need to place four of the latter in the central cells of the upper and lower rows of the workbench and in the extreme slots of the middle one. An iron block will go to the very center. The helicopter is ready!

Step 3

The creation of the AN-64 looks even simpler. Arrange five iron blocks on the workbench in a checkerboard pattern so that its center slot and four cells diagonally from it are occupied. EC-665 is crafted from the same material, but in a slightly different way. Fill with iron blocks those cells that were empty in the case of the AN-64.

Step 4

Control the movement of your flying machine using the standard Minecraft keys - W, A, S and D. To hover it in the air, press the spacebar. The X (X) button switches the types of weapons with which you can fire at the surroundings and destroy hostile mobs. By pressing C you activate the night vision mode. When you want to get out of the helicopter, land and click the left Shift.

Step 5

By installing the THX Helicopter mod, you will add only one type of such an aircraft to the game. However, he has no less opportunities, and for crafting you will need even simpler materials - ordinary boards (in the amount of six pieces), and from any type of wood. Arrange their blocks on the workbench like this: completely occupy the entire bottom row with them, the two extreme cells of the middle and the central one - the top one. If you perform such actions in creative mode, you will not get a helicopter, but a kind of "egg" with which you can create at least a dozen of these machines.

Step 6

Get into the aircraft by right-clicking on it. Climb up on it, holding the spacebar, and go downstairs, holding X (X). Move forward, backward, right and left in the same way as in MC Heli mod (W, A, S and D). You can shoot at mobs by pressing the right mouse button. If you also want to destroy solid blocks, select its left button - it activates more powerful projectiles. To exit the helicopter when it has landed, press Y. The same button will catapult you if you press it while the vehicle is in the air.

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