How To Make An Airplane In Minecraft?

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How To Make An Airplane In Minecraft?
How To Make An Airplane In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make An Airplane In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make An Airplane In Minecraft?
Video: (1.16+) WORKING AIRPLANE IN MINECRAFT!!!! - Easy Redstone Plane 2023, December

Many "minecrafters", who are tired of being constantly in the game space only on the ground or in its depths, secretly dream of refuting the assertion that someone who was born to crawl ("miner") will not be able to rise up. Soar on an aircraft over your possessions and better survey them - what could be better!

Many people dream of flying on such airplanes
Many people dream of flying on such airplanes

Mods for those who want to quickly build an airplane

Of course, one could simply make the simplest plane out of any solid blocks and create the illusion that it is floating in the air (this will work if you knock out the cubes of those materials that served as a kind of support from under it) - but after all, it is not real will be. To create a truly functional machine, you cannot do without special mods - fortunately, there are enough of them now, for every taste.

In order to make sure how realistic they are (how much the "square" world of Minecraft allows this in general), you should watch at least one video instruction on how to create them. A real engine, propeller, wings - in short, everything that distinguishes such an aircraft from similar ones. Most important, though, it works great by actually taking off into the air.

In order to install any mod on your computer, you first need to install special plugins - ModLoader and Minecraft Forge. Then, having downloaded the files with the required modification from the Internet, move them to the mods folder of the latter.

For those who are eager to get an airplane, but do not want to pore over the construction of such a complex machine for a very long time, it is worth trying the Ye Olde Pack modification. It adds several new recipes for crafting, as well as the ability to collect an old model biplane, very similar to the real one. It will have to be built from ready-made parts, but not on a workbench, but on a special table, whose craft grid is larger - five by five cells.

A similar opportunity is provided in Minecraft by an add-on under the self-explanatory name - Simple Parts Pack (this can be roughly translated as "Packing from simple parts"). With it, ready-made parts of aircraft appear in the gameplay, and the player can only assemble a car from them.

Crafting an airplane using Flan's Mod in minecraft

It is worth saying that the aforementioned addition is part of a very popular mod - Flan's Mod. Many gamers who have already experienced its capabilities are invariably delighted. Still, he adds to the game a chance to find and test very realistic cars and real military equipment in its virtual space. Including airplanes. There are two types of them - biplane and triplane.

Flan's Mod requires the creation of a special crafting machine. To do this, you need to put a stove in the middle slot of the bottom row of a regular workbench, and iron ingots in the adjacent five cells.

The first one is made of wood, with two double wings. To create it, you first need to assemble its individual components. For a wheel (at least half a dozen of them are needed), you will need to place an iron ingot in the central slot of the machine, and four pieces of leather on the bottom, top and sides of it. Next, one such wheel is placed in the lower right corner of the craft grid, and above it - four blocks of boards - so that the middle horizontal and right vertical rows are filled. It turns out a body with a tail.

Wheels are required for crafting the cockpit (one or two of these on the plane, depending on the number of seats for the pilots). The first in the amount of a couple of pieces are installed in the lower corners of the craft grid, and an ordinary wooden boat will go to its central slot. It is made from five blocks of boards, which are occupied by the two lower rows of the workbench - with the exception of its central cell.

Biplane wings are crafted from six boards (they are placed in the upper and lower rows of the net) and two wooden sticks. The latter occupy the two outermost slots of the middle row - the central one will be empty. In order to turn the structure into a triplane, you need to put the aforementioned wings in the center of the lower row of the craft grid, and three blocks of boards will go to the upper one. Two wooden sticks are also inserted there - in the same way as for a biplane.

All that remains is to assemble the propeller and engine. For the latter, you need caps, each of which is made from four iron ingots and a lighter. The latter occupies the central slot, and the former are located around it so that the middle cell of the bottom row and the entire top one are empty. The four pistons are then placed in the outermost cells of the lower and middle rows, with two iron ingots in between. The two resulting four-volt motors are then stacked together on the crafting table - and the eight-volt comes out.

The propeller is assembled from an iron ingot (it will go to the center slot) and three wooden sticks (installed directly above the iron and at the corners of the bottom row). The finished product is placed in the right cell of the middle row of the machine, next to it you need to put (from right to left) an engine, one or two cockpits (in the first case, then an empty slot should be left next to it) and a body with a tail. Two wings will stand above and below the pilot's seat.

Such an aircraft can even drop bombs - if loaded with them. First, they need to be crafted - from a block of dynamite, which will go to the central slot of the machine, and six iron ingots. The latter will occupy the remaining cells of its upper and middle rows and the center of the lower one.