How To Contact Site Operators

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How To Contact Site Operators
How To Contact Site Operators

Video: How To Contact Site Operators

Video: How To Contact Site Operators
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There may be several reasons why you need to contact the site operators. For example, clarification of any information of interest published on the Internet, making a claim or offering cooperation.

How to contact site operators
How to contact site operators


Step 1

The main part of the resources provides for the possibility of feedback from the administration. In particular, this applies to companies promoting their services and products online and offline, business card sites created to declare themselves through the network, large information portals.

Step 2

Most commercial companies that use websites as an additional sales platform publish the phone number in a prominent place and make it stand out in every possible way. Thus, a potential client does not have to embark on a long search, and he can instantly contact the company.

Step 3

If nothing is indicated on the main page, go to the "Contacts" or "About the site" section. As a rule, possible options for communication with operators and administration are published here. This can be a phone number, Skype, ICQ, e-mail address, feedback form. You just have to choose the most suitable method.

Step 4

If you decide to call, be sure to pay attention to the location of the organization. The fact is that the indicated seven-digit number may belong to another subject of the Russian Federation. To get to the address, you must additionally dial the area code or the prefix of the cellular operator. If you do not know your mobile phone provider, substitute the year of the city where the company is located.

Step 5

We decided to write an e-mail - copy the specified address, even if it is a link, and paste it into the "Recipient" field when sending correspondence.

Step 6

The feedback form is convenient in that it allows the site administrator not to “shine” with his real contacts. She is chosen more often than other methods. To contact the site operator, fill in all the required fields. To forward a message, as a rule, you need to enter a security code, presented in the form of a picture, and click the "Send" button. To test the functionality of the form, open a web page in html-code format and see if it contains the email address to which the message will be redirected.

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