How To Make A VK Group Menu

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How To Make A VK Group Menu
How To Make A VK Group Menu

Video: How To Make A VK Group Menu

Video: How To Make A VK Group Menu
Video: Как сделать меню для группы ВКонтакте? | How to make a menu for the group in VK? 2023, September

Setting up a group menu on the Vkontakte social network is not only simple enough, but also interesting. Much depends on what the purpose of the group is. Most likely, the main task of the group will be to post news on a given topic, exchange views and discussions.



Step 1

So, you created a group, came up with a name for it. To make the group look presentable, you need to add a photo of the community page. What image comes to mind when you say the name of the band? What image can convey the main idea for which the group was created? Perhaps you just like a certain photo. What looks attractive to you may be interesting to others.

Step 2

Now you can go to the group settings. Enter the "Community Management" section under the page photo and go to the "Information" section. Here you can change the name of the group, page address, enter a description of the community, select a topic and write the website address, if any.

Step 3

Pay special attention to the description. How could you convey the main purpose of the group in two or three sentences?

Step 4

In the settings, you can control the activity of other members of the group, limiting or, conversely, allowing you to add records, photos, audio recordings. As a group administrator, would you like other members to post on the group's wall? If you are the only one to write, the content of the wall may seem monotonous. If you make the access open, then there is the likelihood of spam.

Step 5

Depending on the purpose of creating a group, it can be private, closed or open. Check out the capabilities of these options before making your final decision.

Step 6

There are frequent discussions in groups. If only you want to ask topics, limit discussions, or turn them off altogether, if discussions are not your goal. Save the settings and return to the main page of the group. There is plenty to do here too.

Step 7

Write a couple of notes on the wall to get the group alive. Upload some audio recordings. Add photos to the album. You can later upload documents and add videos. Then the group will become even more interesting in its content.

Step 8

You can pin the post from the wall, then it will be visible at the very top of the group page. To do this, click on the text of the entry so that a window appears, and find the "Pin" line in the bottom menu. Click on it, reload the page. See what happened.

Step 9

You can attach photos, videos, audio recordings, graffiti, documents, polls, a timer, and a map to a recording. Thanks to this, the design of the wall can become interesting, attractive and diverse.

Step 10

Take a look at the top of the page. By default, discussions are at the top. But not everyone likes this location. The matter can be corrected by going to the "ed." and in the window that opens, uncheck the box next to the line "Discussion block above group news". Then the discussions will move to the side column of the page.

Step 11

Don't forget to set the status. This is the line under the group's name. Here you can write the motto of the group or some kind of appeal.