How To Create A Menu On The Site

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How To Create A Menu On The Site
How To Create A Menu On The Site

Video: How To Create A Menu On The Site

Video: How To Create A Menu On The Site
Video: How to Create a Menu in Wordpress 2023, March

A beautiful, convenient and functional menu is the key to the popularity and attractiveness of the site for visitors. Without a clear and stylish menu, the site will not have decent navigation, intuitively understandable even for the person who first visited your page.

How to create a menu on the site
How to create a menu on the site


Step 1

Open the program and look at the list of button styles in the lower left corner of the window. Choose a style that suits you by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Copy the code that appears in a separate text file, and then click on the Add Item item to activate the button.

Step 2

Now take care of its settings - in the right pane, open the Button tab and specify the desired font for the button text, its color and size. Then link in the Link section to the page that the button is clicked to (for example, index.php).

Step 3

If you want a pop-up hint text to appear when you hover over the cursor button, in the Hint tab, enter the desired text to develop. In the Icon tab, specify the icon that should be next to the text; adjust the alignment (for example, to the left edge of the screen) and uncheck the Stick to text tab.

Step 4

After that, open the Button style section and uncheck the Auto size item. Specify fixed sizes for your buttons. After that, edit the style of the menu - specify the color of the outline, and in the Misc section, mark the desired effects (transparency, fading, shadow, and so on).

Step 5

Repeat all the above steps to create all the other menu items by customizing the buttons. To make an additional submenu for each button, click Add Subitem. Configure each created item and each created button in the same way as the first.

Step 6

After the menu - horizontal or vertical - is created, go to the program menu and click on the "Insert into a web page" item, noting that you only want to generate the code. Specify the path to the menu images folder, in which the graphic menu items in.png

Step 7

In order to install the created menu on your site, copy the folder with images to the root directory, and set the code saved at the beginning to the main page.

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