How To Install ModLoader For Minecraft

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How To Install ModLoader For Minecraft
How To Install ModLoader For Minecraft

Video: How To Install ModLoader For Minecraft

Video: How To Install ModLoader For Minecraft
Video: Minecraft 1.16 How To Install Fabric Mod Loader & Mods Tutorial 2023, March

The gameplay even in "vanilla" Minecraft is very interesting for many players, as evidenced by the high popularity of this "sandbox" among millions of inhabitants of the planet. However, the game will become even better and more colorful if you add all kinds of modifications to it. To install many of them, you will need a special bootloader - ModLoader.

Thanks to ModLoader in Minecraft, you can easily install various mods
Thanks to ModLoader in Minecraft, you can easily install various mods


  • - installer for ModLoader
  • - archiver


Step 1

Before installing any add-ons, make a backup of your game directory. In this case, you will be able to restore the game to its original form if the installation of mods and plugins will cause the files in its main archive to become inoperative. For a backup, make a folder with the appropriate name in any location of the disk space and copy all the documents from minecraft.jar there. If you do not know where such a folder is located, find the path to it depending on what operating system you have.

Step 2

In the case of Windows XP, go to the start menu, select the Run line in it and enter% AppData% there. Find bin inside the opened.minecraft directory. This folder contains the usually searched for minecraft.jar. If you have Windows 7, 8 or Vista, the path to the game directory will be similar. You just have to look for it through Users on drive C. There, in the folder with your username, open Roaming, and then follow the same steps as with XP, starting with.minecraft.

Step 3

Download the installer for ModLoader from any trustworthy resource. Then proceed as required by your version of Minecraft. If it is old enough (1.6 or lower). First, open the minecraft.jar folder with an archiver program. You can find it where it was indicated above. Also go to the archive with the installation files for ModLoader. Place it on your computer screen so that you can see the minecraft.jar directory at the same time. This will make it easier for you to carry out further actions.

Step 4

If your Minecraft is newer than 1.6, open the versions folder in the game directory. There, find a folder entitled with the numerical designation of your version (for example, 1.7.3). Go to the directory of the same name, which will have the.jar extension. In your case, this is minecraft.jar. This is where you then throw the files that are discussed in the next step.

Step 5

Drag absolutely all documents from the archive with ModLoader to the folder with minecraft.jar. After completing this process, make sure there is no META-INF folder left in the latter. If it does exist, remove it immediately. Otherwise, you will not be able to start the gameplay: the content of META-INF is responsible for the integrity of the pure Minecraft modification, without any additional plugins, therefore it will simply disable the latter when they are detected (and at the same time harm the game).

Step 6

Now, to install some mods, just drop them into the mods folder (it will be located in the game directory). There ModLoader will deal with them, forcing them to function correctly. However, keep in mind: the above installation method is not suitable for all modifications and plugins. In order to understand whether it makes sense in individual cases, study the readme file, which is usually found in the archive with the installation files of a particular mod.

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