How To Install Licensed Minecraft

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How To Install Licensed Minecraft
How To Install Licensed Minecraft

Video: How To Install Licensed Minecraft

Video: How To Install Licensed Minecraft
Video: How To Download & Install Forge for Minecraft 1.16.5 2023, December

Many gamers in Russia (and in a number of other countries) play a pirated version of Minecraft and therefore experience some difficulties in this regard in certain situations (for example, when they want to change their skin). Therefore, it is still better to spend money on a license key for your favorite game. However, it is also important to install it correctly.

Play more calmly with the licensed version of Minecraft
Play more calmly with the licensed version of Minecraft

It is necessary

  • - Java installer
  • - official Minecraft site


Step 1

Take advantage of the opportunities that will be provided to you after purchasing the licensed version of Minecraft. The main one, perhaps, is that now you get unlimited access to game updates. When the release of the next of them takes place, the first time you open the launcher, you will be prompted to install the latest version. You can do this with just one click of the mouse.

Step 2

If you purchased the key while new to Minecraft, install the game correctly. First, make sure that you have the Java software platform installed on your computer. Do this through the official portal of its manufacturer (click on the corresponding inscription there) or on your own. If this software product is not available on your computer, start installing it. Download the latest version that matches the bitness and other configurations of your operating system.

Step 3

Begin the installation process of the downloaded package. Your intervention is almost not required, since everything is very simple here. You just need to tick the installation method (fully or partially automatic), accept the license agreement, specify the path to the Java folder (you can also select the one that is offered by default), etc. You may need to restart your computer for the changes you made to the system to take effect.

Step 4

Download from the official website of the manufacturer - Mojang Corporation - the file minecraft.exe. After that, place it in any separate folder where it is convenient for you (and it will then create a game directory around itself), it is highly desirable - on disk C. However, do not start the Minecraft installation without first confirming the purchase of the license. You should have received the instructions on how to do this by e-mail after purchasing the license key. Follow the link provided in the email from Mojang. Enter, where necessary, the coveted combination of characters (your license key), and write your e-mail as the username.

Step 5

Run minecraft.exe. It will automatically install the game without actually requiring you to select specific options. However, at the step when you are offered an offline game or registration, click on the Register inscription. Enter your username and password in the opened lines. Then the process of creating game files will begin, which will take a certain time (depending on the power of your computer). This will bring up a loading screen that says Updating Minecraft. After its completion, you will find yourself in the main menu. Make the necessary settings there regarding the game mode, difficulty level, etc. Start the gameplay.