How To Install Gracia Server

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How To Install Gracia Server
How To Install Gracia Server

Video: How To Install Gracia Server

Video: How To Install Gracia Server
Video: 1 L2 Установка сервера lineage 2 Gracia 2023, December

There are many programs to create your own Lineage 2 server, among which Lineage 2 Gracia Final is one of the most popular. This server has a wide range of customization options and a large number of available configurations. Putting it up is easy enough if you follow the instructions carefully.

How to install gracia server
How to install gracia server


Step 1

Install on your computer Java library or Java engine, the program of which can be downloaded from the Internet. It is enough to drive the name into the search query and go to one of the proposed sites. Unpack the archive and run the installer. To install, you do not need to specify any data, just press the Accept button all the time. After completing the procedure, click the Finish button and close the window.

Step 2

Download the MySQL installer archive and unpack it. Run the database setup program. Select the “Typical” section and click Next two times. After that, specify the path where the database will be installed and click the Install button. At the end of the installation process, a window will appear with the registration of a new account.

Step 3

Select “Skip Sign-Up”, click Next and exit the installer. After that, the MySQL settings wizard will be displayed, in which you specify the standard parameters, select the type of database server and create a password. Click the Finish button to complete the configuration.

Step 4

Unpack the downloaded archive to install Navicat. To install the program for working with the database, run the file navicat8_mysql_en.exe. Agree with the license agreement and click the Next button several times, and then complete the installation process. Since this application requires a license, for normal operation you need to purchase an activation key at

Step 5

Run it to activate the program. As a result, a shortcut “Navicat for MySQL” should appear on the desktop. Run the program and create a “New connection”. Enter “Connection Name” - “l2rt” in the line, and select “localhost” in the host field. Save the settings.

Step 6

Download the Lineage2 Gracia Final server and unzip it to the desired folder. Edit the files database_installer.bat, gameserver / config /, /login/config/, and /gameserver/config/ The codes that need to be inserted into them can be found on the Internet on one of the sites dedicated to the game Lineage 2. For example, at the link