What Are The Ways To Remove Rain In Minecraft

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What Are The Ways To Remove Rain In Minecraft
What Are The Ways To Remove Rain In Minecraft

Video: What Are The Ways To Remove Rain In Minecraft

Video: What Are The Ways To Remove Rain In Minecraft
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The world of Minecraft has many features that make it very similar to reality. For example, here the time of day changes and all kinds of natural phenomena are observed. However, the latter circumstance is sometimes strongly disliked by individual gamers.

Rain transforms the game world, but slows down system performance
Rain transforms the game world, but slows down system performance


  • - admin console
  • - special mods and plugins
  • - certain commands


Step 1

If your computer is not very powerful, you will immediately notice how unfavorable the appearance of various precipitations in the game world, mainly rain, affects its work. The gameplay at this moment will turn into torment for you: the performance of the system will greatly decrease, and it will give out lags. The image will freeze a little, the game will slow down, etc. If you want to overcome this with "little blood" - turn off the very possibility of rain.

Step 2

Use the Administrator Console for this if you are authorized to do so. In this case, you can turn off any manifestations of weather with a simple command - / weather off. Now in your virtual world of Minecraft it will be only sunny. Many players from the multiplayer resource in respect of which you take such actions will be grateful to you for them. However, if there are still a lot of dissatisfied people, you will always be able to return everything as it was. Enter / weather on in the admin console and once again enjoy the variety of weather - in the form of occasional precipitation.

Step 3

Try another command if the above does not work (it is not relevant for all versions of Minecraft). Type / weather sunny or / weather sun in your console. Any of these commands will cause exceptionally clear weather in the game. However, you may face the fact that such "orders" will not work - for the reason that your server lacks certain plugins. Then install them.

Step 4

Use a slightly different command if you have installed Minecraft version higher than 1.3.1. Enter in the chat (after calling it by pressing T) / toggledownfall. Keep in mind that this command only works to toggle the weather, not as a precipitation switch. Therefore, use it only when the rain has already begun. When the weather is clear, using it will cause bad weather so unwanted for you.

Step 5

Starting with version 1.4.2, choose - if desired - a different tactic. Just adjust the duration of a particular type of weather. When you do not want to see precipitation during gameplay, enter the command / weather rain 1. Thus, you will determine the minimum duration of rain in the game - one second. Set the length of clear weather in the same way. In the above command, replace rain with clear and one with as large a number as possible (for example, 9999999). Now you won't even notice the precipitation.

Step 6

If the above does not work, install special mods with which you will control the weather. For example, No Rain, as its name suggests, will help you forget about precipitation altogether (rain or snow - depending on the biome). With the Weather and Tornadoes mod, control the weather and craft devices that predict the approach of certain adverse natural phenomena, and, accordingly, do not allow them to come to your territory.

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