How To Make A Server On CS

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How To Make A Server On CS
How To Make A Server On CS

Video: How To Make A Server On CS

Video: How To Make A Server On CS
Video: How to make a counter strike 1.6 server 2023, March

You have joined the multi-million army of CS fans, namely version 1.6, and decided to create a server. To do this correctly, you must have a clear, coherent plan of action in front of your eyes.

How to make a server on CS
How to make a server on CS


Step 1

Skip this step if you already have CS 1.6 installed on your computer. Otherwise, you need to download it (for example, from the site that is listed in the "Additional Sources" section).

Step 2

Download and install the CS 1.6 patch. It is required to play on Counter Strike servers on the Internet. It is recommended to install version 29 or higher.

Step 3

Install a ready-made CS 1.6 server. This can be done from many sites, for example, Mgame. Here you can download the necessary files, read the brief instructions for installing the server and configuring it. The server itself contains Metamod, designed to connect plugins to the hl engine; Booster Lite - to reduce ping (Windows only) and AMX mod X, which allows you to install plugins for almost any change in the gameplay.

Step 4

After creating your server, start it, for example, through the console. This method is good because it consumes less resources on your computer, which means a minimum of lags and a stable game.

Step 5

Open the standard Notepad for Windows and paste the following line there: start / high hlds.exe -game cstrike + ip + port 27016 + sv_lan 0 + map cs_militia + maxplayers 32 -insecure –console.

Step 6

Now more about what this all means:

start / high - responsible for starting the server with high priority;

game cstrike - enable the hl engine cstrike modification;

+ ip - your external ip-address;

+ port 27016 - your port;

+ sv_lan 0 - this parameter is required; otherwise, the server will be invisible to others;

+ map cs_militia - map that is installed at server start;

+ maxplayers 32 - the maximum number of players (in this case, 32).

Step 7

You can replace these parameters with your own. Then select All Files when saving and save as hlds.dat. Copy this file to the root directory of the game, where the executable file hlds.exe is located.

Step 8

To start the server, double-click the left mouse button on the hlds.dat file. If you have Kaspersky Anti-Virus installed, disable protection, because in this case no one except you will be able to access the server.

Step 9

In some cases, the provider allocates one external IP for the entire local network. In this case, only players in your network will be able to join you.

Step 10

Configure the server. The main settings are in a file called server.cfg. Edit it however you like. If desired, you can download and install the amxx plugins on the server.

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