How To Make A Drill In Minecraft

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How To Make A Drill In Minecraft
How To Make A Drill In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Drill In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Drill In Minecraft
Video: Minecraft 1.8+ Battering Ram/Mining Drill Tutorial (NO MODS! NO COMMANDS!) 2023, December

Long-time fans of Minecraft are very familiar with the set of tools used there for the extraction of various resources: a pickaxe, a hoe, a shovel and a number of others. However, in some modern modifications of the popular game, the range of mining tools is significantly expanded. For example, a very powerful and fast-acting tool appears there - a drill.

A drill in Minecraft can always be further improved
A drill in Minecraft can always be further improved


  • - plugin for Industrial Craft2
  • - power unit
  • - iron plates
  • - battery
  • - refined iron
  • - wiring diagram
  • - diamonds


Step 1

If you want to get such a useful thing in your toolkit that helps to cope with mining tasks many times faster than even your usual diamond pickaxe, you should install a special plug-in for the Industrial Craft2 mod in your version of Minecraft. To do this, after downloading it from the Internet, drop it into the / mods folder in your Minecraft Forge. Now you will have access to not only the drill, but also other possibilities of the improved industrial modification of your favorite game.

Step 2

You can create a mining drill in two ways. To carry out the first of them, you will need six iron plates and a power unit. You will craft the latter, having three batteries (by the way, in Industrial Craft2 this is a pretty popular item), two copper wires, the same number of iron shells, an electric motor and an electrical circuit. Place the latter in the center of the workbench, to the right of it, place the motor, under and above it - iron shells, put the batteries in the left vertical row, and let the copper wires get the remaining places.

Step 3

You can obtain iron plates (just like any other similar product) by flattening ingots of this material with a hammer. If it is not in your inventory yet, you will need to craft it. It will be made from five iron ingots (which are known to be mined by melting the corresponding blocks in a furnace) and two wooden sticks. Take the last two extreme slots of the middle horizontal row of the workbench, and to the left of them - in the form of the letter "C" - place the iron ingots.

Step 4

Leave the finished hammer in the center cell, and to the right of it, place a unit of metal intended for flattening. Repeat these steps six times for the number of plates you want. Now position the power unit in the center of the bottom row of the workbench, with two of the existing iron plates directly above it. Place the rest in the remaining slots so that the top left and right cells remain empty. Take the finished drill.

Step 5

Use - if you wish - another method of making this tool. To do this, you will need an electrical circuit, a battery, and five refined iron ingots. To obtain the latter, burn ordinary ingots of a given metal in a furnace. (After such manipulations, the pieces of iron will acquire a bluish tint.) Place the electrical circuit in the central slot of the workbench, directly below it - the battery, and above and on the sides of them - five refined iron ingots.

Step 6

If at some point in the game you are no longer satisfied with the strength and speed of a regular drill, you can always improve it. For example, turn it into a more wear-resistant diamond one. To do this, place it in the center of the workbench, with three diamonds on the sides and on top of it. You will be able to make such a drill even more durable when you have an accelerator in your inventory - in triplicate. Place them to the left, below and to the right of the diamond drill placed in the central cell of the workbench, and under them place two wiring diagrams. After such actions, the device will work faster - however, it will consume many times more energy.