What Program To Take A Screenshot

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What Program To Take A Screenshot
What Program To Take A Screenshot

Video: What Program To Take A Screenshot

Video: What Program To Take A Screenshot
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While working on a computer, it may be necessary to take a screenshot - it is important to capture the result of the work or an interesting moment during the game … There are many ways to perform this operation, but which one to choose?

What program to take a screenshot
What program to take a screenshot

How do I take a screenshot using native OS functions?

To take a screenshot, you do not always need to use any programs, utilities or applications. Windows, for example, has many built-in screen capture functions:

1. Standard pressing of the PrtScr button (which can be called differently on different keyboards: PrtScn, Prnt Scrn, Print Scr, and on some laptops - prt sc) takes a full-size screenshot and saves it to the clipboard.

You can paste an image from the clipboard with the ctrl + v key combination directly into a forum post or letter (many mail services support this function), but you will have to use a graphic editor to create the file.

In cases where you want to create an image file that you need, for example, to upload somewhere, then you will have to use Paint or any other graphics editor: just copy the image there, and then save the file in the desired format.

2. The Alt + PrtScr key combination takes a snapshot of the active window. Just select the window you need by clicking on it with the mouse (the frame is usually highlighted) and press Alt + PrtScr. The snapshot, as in the first version, will be copied to the clipboard.

3. Using the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool is only available on Windows 7 and later. It is located in the start menu under Accessories (Utilities). After turning on the utility, a small program window appears on the screen: just click New, after that the screen should darken, and when you hover over it, the cursor will look like a cross - select the area you need and release the mouse button. That's all, the screenshot has been taken.

What programs do you use to take screenshots?

Programs are most often used by web designers or other people who need to take a screenshot as quickly as possible at a certain point in time without unnecessary manipulation. For example, gamers often use screenshot software to capture the most colorful and important moments of the game.

1. SnagIt is one of the most popular programs. The advantage is that it is adapted for both Windows and Mac OS.

2. Fraps is in fact the most popular screen capture software. The main feature is the ability to shoot high quality video.

The Fraps program has become popular thanks to gamers: they use it to take high-quality screenshots and videos directly during the game. The main disadvantage of the program is the huge consumption of computer resources.

3. WinSnap is the most advanced Windows utility. It has many functions for adjusting the quality of captured screenshots, as well as editing them.

Basically, all screenshot programs have approximately the same set of options, but they are distinguished by functional little things that make certain programs suitable for certain people: programmers, web designers, artists, or gamers.

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