How To Upload An Avatar

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How To Upload An Avatar
How To Upload An Avatar

Video: How To Upload An Avatar

Video: How To Upload An Avatar
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Let's start by understanding what an avatar is. An avatar is a kind of picture that is used to personify the user of network resources: chats, blogs, forums, etc. Usually it characterizes a character living on the network.

How to upload an avatar
How to upload an avatar


Step 1

Today, many sites offer a huge selection of avatars for every color and taste. Therefore, simply by typing "choose an avatar" in the search box, you will find a large number of pictures, different in subject matter, shape, color, size.

Step 2

Choose and save the one you like to your computer. To do this, right-click on the picture, then select the command "Save picture as …" in the window that appears, save it.

Step 3

Any photo taken by you or found on the Internet can also become an avatar. You may need to resize it. For this we will use a simple program for viewing photos - Microsoft Picture Maneger.

Step 4

Using the "Change Picture" tab, you can crop the picture, change its size, brightness, etc.

Step 5

So, the avatar is selected, processed, if necessary, now let's try to load it. On the forum, in the chat, find the "Your profile" button or something similar, now find the avatar settings.

Step 6

You will be asked to choose an avatar from the ready-made ones or upload your own from your computer. It is easier to choose from the proposed ones, but there is no guarantee that the same avatar will not be found elsewhere by any of the resource visitors.

Step 7

In order to download an avatar prepared in advance, find the line “Download from your computer”, click the “Browse” button, find the picture. Now click "download" and wait. Very soon, the system will inform you that the avatar has been successfully changed.

Step 8

Click "Save" - now your incarnation (this is how the word avatar is translated into Russian) will always accompany you.

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