The Witcher 3. How To Complete The Cabaret Quest?

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The Witcher 3. How To Complete The Cabaret Quest?
The Witcher 3. How To Complete The Cabaret Quest?

Video: The Witcher 3. How To Complete The Cabaret Quest?

Video: The Witcher 3. How To Complete The Cabaret Quest?
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Quest "Cabaret" is a very interesting task. It allows you to take a break from the main storyline and battles in general. Instead of killing monsters, Geralt will have to help his friend Dandelion in organizing a cabaret.

The Witcher 3. How to complete the Cabaret quest?
The Witcher 3. How to complete the Cabaret quest?

Cabaret is a side quest in which we have to help an old friend - the bard Buttercup. Its essence lies in the fact that the troubadour inherited a brothel called Sage and Rosemary, which he wants to convert to another establishment.

The beginning of the story

After the witcher saves Dandelion from the witch hunters, he goes to his "Sage and Rosemary" to talk. On the spot, he finds a small quarrel between his friend and Priscilla.

She accuses him of taking too long to make a decision and leaves. Geralt talks to the bard and finds out what he wanted to make a cabaret out of the brothel. But, bad luck, he has no money.

Buttercup asks us for help, but it will not work just to give him the required amount, he will say that he cannot borrow such a lot of money from an old friend. But he has a plan on how to get the necessary funds, and it is our task to help in the implementation of this plan.

The bard has an old acquaintance named Scholastica, who just has the money. We need to help convince her to lend a piece to our musician. The White Wolf fails to find out the details of the plan, but he already receives his first assignment from Buttercup. You need to take a fake sword in the theater from Irene Renard and come to the house of Scholastica.

Sly plan

Having met Buttercup in the right place, we finally find out what needs to be done. It turns out that Scholastica is a big lover of adventure novels. The bard's plan shines with genius - we must pretend to be a bandit who attacks the girl, and Dandelion will appear in the form of the Purple Avenger and heroically save her, after which she will be ready for anything to thank the hero.

The choice is small, so Geralt agrees and when Scholastica comes, we act out our little play. The girl believes that everything is really happening, so Dandelion enters into a “battle” with us, wins and we hide. After that, the bard, along with his friend, goes to her house.

The next morning we arrive at the "Sage and Rosemary", but we meet there only Priscilla and the dwarf, who is the foreman of the repairmen. He wants us to decide what style the room will be: boudoir or theater.

After we help with the choice, Priscilla will say that Buttercup went to a girl named Polly. Geralt finds out where to find her, and goes there too.

Cure for jealousy

Having found the right place, we see our friend, who frantically knocks on the door. We ask what is the matter and find out that Polly is a talented dancer, and her husband does not let her work for Buttercup, because he thinks that there is still a brothel there.

There are two options. The first is to give Dandelion the opportunity to convince Polly's husband with words, explaining that now there is not a brothel, but another institution. The second is to beat the husband and force him to let his wife go.

The last problem

Buttercup goes on to say that there is one more thing left to complete. He ordered advertising posters from an artist named Latrek, but he never brought them.

The witcher agrees to go to the artist and find out what's the matter. At Latrek's house we meet the creditors he owes. They are not eager to tell us anything, so a fight starts.

If we won, then we will be given information on where to find Latrek. If we are beaten, then you have to leave and look for yourself.

Latrek is a very reckless low, so the White Wolf decides to look for him at the races near the Vegelbuds. It is there that we find him, but he refuses to do his job, because he has a huge debt.

Here you have to choose. You can refuse posters or help Latrek pay off the debt. You can help both with money and by winning races.

After that, we return to Buttercup. Completed the quest.

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