How To Write Messages In A Personal "Twitter"

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How To Write Messages In A Personal "Twitter"
How To Write Messages In A Personal "Twitter"

Video: How To Write Messages In A Personal "Twitter"

Video: How To Write Messages In A Personal "Twitter"
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The ability to send private messages is an important characteristic of social networks. In this case, one condition must be met: the sender and the recipient must be present in each other's contact group. Microblogging "Twitter" also has this function.

Private message on Twitter
Private message on Twitter

Social media

With the development of advanced technologies, computers and the Internet have taken a firm place in human life. Thanks to the Internet, people learn news, study, work, communicate, get acquainted.

Social networks are especially popular as they open up all these opportunities to users. Almost twenty years have passed since the appearance of the first social network on the Internet in 1995. It was the American portal Classmates (the analogue in Russia is Odnoklassniki). Today there are many prominent representatives of social networks. Among the main characteristics of a social network are the ability to exchange information, create a personal profile and compile lists of users for close communication.

Microblogging "Twitter"

Twitter has all the hallmarks of a social network. At the same time, it can be attributed to microblogging sites due to the limited opportunities for posting personal information in the profile. The main specialization of Twitter is the exchange of short messages between users via a web interface.

Web interface - used for user interaction with the website and includes all the necessary tools.

The site is very simple and easy to use and has an unobtrusive interface. Thanks to this resource, people have the opportunity to find out the latest news and communicate. As for celebrities, they often post new photos or leave messages about their recent actions. Absolutely any fan can follow all this and even write to the favorite star personally.

Private messages on Twitter

Twitter can be called a personal news feed. After all, here every registered user can find a page of a celebrity, of which he is a fan, and every day follow her actions: what happened to her and what she shares. But still, do not forget that Twitter is a social network, which means that there should be interaction between people. This opportunity is realized through retweets and private messages (the so-called "PM"). The difference is that a retweet is a public response message, and a private message can only be read by the addressee. At the same time, messages can only be written to people who follow you (read your microblog).

Microblogging is an online diary consisting of short personal messages arranged in chronological order.

To write a letter, on your personal page, click on the envelope image located on the right in the top line of the main menu. In the window that opens, click "new message". The next window is used to write the recipient's address and the text of the message itself, which cannot exceed 140 characters. You can add a photo to the letter by clicking on the corresponding item. Then click send message.

The message can also be sent from your readers page. To do this, click on the "other actions" icon in your reader's block. In the menu that opens, select "send a private message" and repeat all the steps described earlier, except for writing the address (it will appear in the address bar automatically).

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