How To Upgrade The "Happy Farmer"

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How To Upgrade The "Happy Farmer"
How To Upgrade The "Happy Farmer"

Video: How To Upgrade The "Happy Farmer"

Video: How To Upgrade The "Happy Farmer"
Video: Perfect Timing Drilling Chicory - One Happy Farmer! 2023, May

Happy Farmer is one of the most popular games from application developers on the Vkontakte social network. The player plants his garden with plants, from which he then receives a harvest, grows pets, gives flowers to people he likes and, of course, increases his rating. If you want your level in the game to be higher than that of your friends, you can quickly upgrade the game and achieve high results.

How to pump
How to pump


"Robot Farmer" or "Farmebot" add-on


Step 1

In the game "Happy Farmer" you can buy various plants, plant them in the beds, and then harvest them, getting money and experience for this. If you choose plants not for beauty, but for the speed of ripening and the amount of experience they bring, it is best to plant turnips at first. The vegetable garden can also be fertilized, which will greatly speed up turnip growth.

Step 2

If you have several Vkontakte accounts, you can install the application on all your pages. Log in from additional accounts to your farm and throw worms on the beds. After that, go under your real name and destroy the pests - this will add your rating.

Step 3

At Happy Farmer, you can buy various decors for your garden. They decorate the farm and increase the player's rating. Please note that purchasing a Rainbow decor will give you more experience than purchasing other designs.

Step 4

On the farm, you can grow flowers, and then give them to friends. Nevertheless, the developers admit that you can give flowers to yourself. This will increase your charm and help you move to the next level sooner.

Step 5

Grow caviar and peanuts. Using super fertilizers, you can earn a huge amount of money and points in a short period of time.

Step 6

Purchase a potato chips factory and start growing the vegetables you need to make your most expensive product. Once you've crafted a crisp, your experience and finances will skyrocket.

Step 7

In order to quickly upgrade the game, you need to spend a lot of time on the Internet. However, craftsmen have created many programs that will water the beds and harvest for you. You can install such add-ons as "Robot Farmer", "Farmebot", and you do not have to be online all day, pumping the game.

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