How To Install Crack For Minecraft

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How To Install Crack For Minecraft
How To Install Crack For Minecraft

Video: How To Install Crack For Minecraft

Video: How To Install Crack For Minecraft

Minecraft, even with an English-language interface, has become familiar to millions of its fans from all over the world over the years of its existence. However, the gameplay of each of them would probably progress much faster if they had the opportunity to play in their native language. The same applies, of course, to the players from Russia.

With a crack, gamers who do not know English can easily play Minecraft
With a crack, gamers who do not know English can easily play Minecraft


  • - special sites
  • - installation file for crack
  • - archiver


Step 1

In the case when you think that in Russian you would understand what is required at a particular game moment in Minecraft, much better than in its default English, install a special plugin - crack. Thanks to him, you will see phrases in your native language in the chat and on the signs, and not an incomprehensible set of characters (and after all, a lack of understanding of what is said on such inscriptions often slows down the gameplay). In addition, the font in them will be large enough and easy to read.

Step 2

First, download the crack for Minecraft itself. Find it on any gaming resource, the software from which you trust. Make sure that the crack is compatible with the version of the game you have installed. This is usually indicated in the accompanying text to the installer of such a software product. Before installing, be sure to check all downloaded documents with an antivirus.

Step 3

Before installing the crack, make a backup copy of all the saves in the game (ideally, re-save the entire folder with it to any other place on the computer) in order to return everything to its place in case of failure. Otherwise, all your saves will be lost and you may even have to reinstall Minecraft. If the crack is the first plug-in that you plan to add to the game, first delete the META. INF folder from the archive with it, because if it is available, the modification will not function.

Step 4

Install crack in Minecraft in much the same way as any mod. Open the minecraft.jar folder with a suitable archiver. You can find it if you have Windows 7 (for Vista or 8 this is also relevant), in the directory with your username located in the Users folder of the C drive. Go there to AppData, then to Roaming, and the.minecraft folder will open for you. Inside it there is a bin folder, where the desired game directory will be. In XP, look for it in about the same place - except that instead of Users, you need to go to Documents and Settings.

Step 5

With the same program through which you entered the game archive, open the archived localization installer in the window next to it. In it, you need a folder labeled to jar. Move its contents to minecraft.jar completely, except for META. INF. Check the functionality of the game. If it failed to start, make sure that there are no files left in its directory that should have been deleted. In the case when Minecraft does not start, try to get rid of the bin folder in its archive, and then run the forced program update from the menu. She herself will restore the necessary files, but this time they will be operational. Enjoy Russified gameplay.