How To Distribute Rights

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How To Distribute Rights
How To Distribute Rights

Video: How To Distribute Rights

Video: How To Distribute Rights
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The task of distributing access rights to network folders is solved in Windows Server 2003 using standard operating system methods and does not imply the involvement of additional software.

How to distribute rights
How to distribute rights


Step 1

Make sure to use NTFS hard disk file system or convert. To do this, call the "Run" dialog from the main menu of the system and enter the cmd value in the "Open" line. Enter value

convert drive_name: / fs: NTFS

into the command interpreter text box and run the command by pressing the function key Enter.

Step 2

Call the main menu of the system by clicking the "Start" button to open access to the selected folder and select the item "All programs". Expand the Accessories link and launch the Windows Explorer application. Define the required folder and open its context menu by clicking the right mouse button. Specify the "Properties" item and apply the checkbox to the "Share this folder" field in the dialog box that opens. Enter the value of the desired share name in the appropriate field and apply the check box to the Maximum Possible field in the User Limit section.

Step 3

Use the Permissions button to add the selected share user and click the Add button. Specify the required user in the list and apply the checkboxes in the fields of the required permissions:

- Reading;

- Change;

- Full access.

Apply the changes made by clicking OK.

Step 4

Go to the "Security" tab and specify the additional access rights of the user to be edited in the list. Apply the check boxes for the desired extended access rights, and be sure to uncheck the box next to "Allow inheritable permissions from parent to inherit to this object." Apply a checkbox to the "Replace permissions for all child objects" field and authorize the command execution by clicking the "Apply" button. Wait until the procedure for changing access rights is completed. The time required for the operation depends on the number of files selected.