How To Download Music From Odnoklassniki

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How To Download Music From Odnoklassniki
How To Download Music From Odnoklassniki

Video: How To Download Music From Odnoklassniki

Video: How To Download Music From Odnoklassniki
Video: Как добавить музыку в одноклассники / How to download music 2023, March

Very often, users of social networks, including Odnoklassniki, listen to music online with pleasure, create a variety of selections of their favorite tunes and songs. Also, many people prefer to listen to music everywhere: at home, at work, on the street, in transport. Since the Internet is not always at hand, there is a need to download music to the memory of a mobile phone, to portable media or to your computer's hard drive.

How to download music from Odnoklassniki
How to download music from Odnoklassniki

Music download assistant

Most social networks do not have the function of downloading files. Therefore, to be able to do this, you need to "arm" your browser with a special add-on.

To easily save music from Odnoklassniki on your computer, you should turn to a very useful add-on called “ helper”. This application works for almost all well-known browsers: Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Downloading and installing add-ons

In the address bar of the search engine, enter, go to the site. Scrolling down the page a little, in the "Supported Resources" tab, select On the page that opens, click on the "Go to the installation of the assistant" button, then click "Install". The site itself will determine the type of your browser and offer the appropriate file for download.

In the window that opens, first click "Save", then "Save as", select the path on the computer, again - "Save". Go to the saved program package and start its installation with a double click. During the installation process, upon request, press the "Next" button. After waiting for the message "Installation completed successfully", click "Finish". Further, the order of actions, depending on the browser you are using, is slightly different.

Installing add-ons in different types of browsers

In the Google Chrome browser, on the rightmost icon located on the same line with the address bar, select "Tools - Extensions". Drag the download file into the window that opens and click "Add". The process is now complete.

For Opera users, after downloading and opening the file, just click the "Install" button. Upon completion of the installation, a corresponding icon will appear on the extensions panel.

For users of the Mozilla Firefox browser, the procedure is exactly the same, only the browser must be restarted after installation.

The installation process is over. Now, next to the audio recording in Odnoklassniki, a button "Download" will appear with brief information about the file: the size and bitrate indicates the quality of the recording (the larger the number, the better the recording).

Thanks to the assistant, the ability to download music has now appeared on other sites, such as VKontakte and Youtube.

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