How To Improve Network Speed

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How To Improve Network Speed
How To Improve Network Speed

Video: How To Improve Network Speed

Video: How To Improve Network Speed
Video: 🔧 How to SPEED UP your Internet! Boost Download Speeds, Lower Ping, Fix Lag on Wired and WiFi EASY 2023, March

While some users are quite satisfied with the moderate speed of Internet access, others impose much more stringent requirements on it. There are several ways to increase this speed, if necessary.

How to improve network speed
How to improve network speed


Step 1

If you use a 3G modem to access the Internet, but you are still only at home while surfing the global network, switch from wireless to wired. Regardless of which connection method you choose (ADSL or LAN), the ratio between the size of the subscription fee and the data transfer rate is likely to be more advantageous, and the connection itself will be much more stable.

Step 2

Check to see if you are served by an archived service provider. These are the tariff plans, the connection of new subscribers to which is no longer performed, but according to which the service of existing subscribers continues. If you have not changed the tariff for several years in a row, then there is a high probability that it managed to become archived. These plans are characterized by higher monthly fees combined with lower speeds. Perhaps, among the current tariff plans of your provider, you will find one in which both the monthly payment will be less and the speed is higher - then immediately switch to it.

Step 3

If your tariff plan turned out to be not archived, and you still want to increase the speed, choose another, more expensive, but also faster one from your provider. True, this method of increasing the speed of Internet access is suitable only for those who wish to pay for their services with a provider at a higher price.

Step 4

If you switch from a provider with LAN access to a tariff with a data transfer rate of more than 10 megabits per second, you may find that in fact it has not changed. Perhaps the reason is in the network card. If it is old, 10 Mbps, replace it with a modern 100 Mbps one. Then tell the ISP its new MAC address.

Step 5

If you urgently need to download a particular file at high speed, and then return to the usual one, use the so-called "turbo button" - a tariff option that allows you to download a certain amount of data at an increased speed at an unlimited tariff for an additional fee. After this volume is exceeded, the speed will automatically return to the one set by your tariff plan. This service is not provided by all providers, and some of them may have a different name.

Step 6

Sometimes it becomes necessary to just read the text on the site, but the webmaster has added too many elements to the page that use technologies such as Java, Flash, which is why it takes too long to load, and after it completes, it "slows down" moreover, regardless of the speed of Internet access, the browser itself starts. In this case, it helps either to temporarily disable the corresponding plugins in the browser (how exactly it is carried out depends on the browser), or to view the page through special "compressing" servers:

Step 7

Opera browser users can take advantage of the Opera Turbo mode. In this case, a special proxy server will act as an intermediate link between the server on which the site is located and your browser, which will compress the data coming from the server, transfer it to the browser in this form over a slow channel, and that, in turn, will unpack and display them. Opera Turbo mode is turned on and off with a special button in the form of a stylized speedometer located in the lower left corner of the browser.

Step 8

Subscribers who are interested in the high speed of only incoming but not outgoing traffic can be recommended to switch to satellite Internet access. In this case, the reception of data is carried out through a satellite dish connected to a special board, and transmission through a 3G modem.

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