How To Connect Opera

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How To Connect Opera
How To Connect Opera

Video: How To Connect Opera

Video: How To Connect Opera
Video: Connect Your Smartphone browser With Your Computer Browser| 2023, March

Opera is one of the most popular Internet browsers for Windows, along with Iteuktue Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The application has won the love of users due to the convenience of the interface, financial availability and ease of installation.

How to connect opera
How to connect opera


Step 1

Follow the link to the official website of the browser and download the installation file. Start it up.

Step 2

Wait until the preparation for installation is over. In the installation dialog box, click the Install button.

Step 3

Read the software agreement. Check the box next to "I Agree."

Step 4

Choose the installation method - standard or manual (manual). Click "Next".

Step 5

Select the installation directory by clicking the "Change" button.

Step 6

Configure additional options: enable or disable the creation of an icon on the desktop and in the Quick Access Toolbar. Click "Next".

Step 7

Click the Install button. Wait for the installation to complete, click on the "Finish" button.

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