How To Stop Sitting On A Dating Site

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How To Stop Sitting On A Dating Site
How To Stop Sitting On A Dating Site

Video: How To Stop Sitting On A Dating Site

Video: How To Stop Sitting On A Dating Site
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Rather than serving as a vehicle for people to start relationships that will continue in real life, dating sites sometimes become a way to escape reality. The user does not go out for hours, and sometimes he simply cannot bring himself to go out. This is not the norm.

How to stop sitting on a dating site
How to stop sitting on a dating site


Step 1

Drastic measures are rarely effective. Abruptly abandoning the internet can only make the problem worse. You will stop visiting dating sites, but the reasons that led you to do so will remain. The emotional state will worsen. It is possible that the "gap" that has arisen in life will be filled with a new addiction. The time spent on the network should be reduced gradually. Try shutting down your computer 10-20 minutes earlier than usual.

Step 2

Consider what triggered your addiction to dating sites. Most likely, these are problems with socialization, inability to contact people and at the same time the need for communication. It is almost impossible to solve them quickly. It is important for you to accept yourself as you are. Don't be afraid or feel guilty about failure. Read fiction, psychology books. This will help you understand yourself.

Step 3

Find a hobby in real life. An activity that will be of interest to you personally. It is good if it is sports or tourism. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the body, strengthens the psyche. Long walks in the fresh air are also useful. It is important for you to gain strength, because a long sitting on dating sites negatively affects your health.

Step 4

Try to use the Internet less often. Once you open a browser window, you are more likely to succumb to the urge to go to a dating site than not connecting to the network at all.

Step 5

When positive results emerge and Internet cravings decrease, it is important to consolidate the success. You don't have to go to the dating site - don't go. Even when you feel completely free from addiction.

Step 6

If your attempts to stop sitting on dating sites are in vain, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional psychotherapist. Try to find a specialist for whom treatment of Internet addiction is one of the main areas of activity. It is important that consultations involve face-to-face meetings. This will already be a step towards recovery. You should not ask questions to consultants on the forums.

Step 7

If you are an Orthodox person, go to church. Addiction is the result of the influence of passion on the soul of a person. In order to overcome sin, you need to regularly confess, ask God for help. It may be helpful to have a conversation with a priest. It is important not to give in to despair, to believe that the healing will take place.

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