How To Stop Sitting On VKontakte

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How To Stop Sitting On VKontakte
How To Stop Sitting On VKontakte

Video: How To Stop Sitting On VKontakte

Video: How To Stop Sitting On VKontakte

If you decide to radically change your life, then one of the especially important steps is to abandon VKontakte. Correspondences, viewing news, videos and photos, a bunch of all kinds of games and much, much more. How many hours can go to waste? It's time to end this!

How to stop sitting on VKontakte
How to stop sitting on VKontakte


Step 1

One of the most effective ways is to delete your VKontakte page and stop visiting it. If you have definitely decided that social networks take up a lot of your time, then deleting your page can radically change your life. If you say to yourself: “I will not be on VKontakte, but I will not delete the page, because I need it as a keepsake,” then, believe me, these are just excuses.

Step 2

You can also stop paying for the internet. This way you will save money, save yourself, and sit at the computer less. This option is not suitable for everyone, but only for those who are just sitting on VKontakte. Why? Because they only need the Internet for VKontakte. Such people, without paying for the Internet, will simply stop using VKontakte. But, if you are surfing the Internet not only for VKontakte, this option will not work for you.

Step 3

Argue with someone. If you are a man of your word, then this option is for you. Its essence lies in the fact that you give the floor. You promise that you will not be on VKontakte for about a month. But you should not give this word to yourself, but to some close person. And you also need to come up with a punishment in case you break your word. For example, you will owe him 500 rubles. This, of course, is a lot, but this will be motivation. You can also think of any other punishment. In general, it's all about fantasy.

Step 4

Make the site unavailable. This is easy to do. There is a special file in the Windows folder that blocks sites. You can do this with the VKontakte website. The social network will not load and will not distract you. Find the hosts file and add the site to it.

Step 5

Delete all bookmarks that one way or another lead to the site, so they will be much less likely to catch your eye.

Step 6

Change the password for entering VKontakte constantly. A more complex password will give you more complex paths to enter the site.

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