How To Send Messages Online

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How To Send Messages Online
How To Send Messages Online

Video: How To Send Messages Online

Video: How To Send Messages Online
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It is hard to imagine that earlier messages could only be transmitted written on paper, with a postman or pigeon mail. Then, with the invention of the radio, things became much easier. And now it has become quite easy to exchange messages on the network.

The World Wide Web, in addition to a huge amount of knowledge, useful information, work opportunities, has added to us a very important opportunity: the function of instant communication outside the geographical framework. Now, sitting at home at a computer or using a cell phone, we can transmit our messages to almost anywhere in the world (if, of course, the Internet is connected there), as well as receive responses from our opponents. This has changed a lot in our life.

We can transmit messages on the network in several ways: using communication agents, mail programs, as well as a cell phone and similar programs installed in it.

A message beyond the times
A message beyond the times


  • Internet
  • Agent programs for communication and / or transmission of mail messages.
  • Registering an account in these programs.


Step 1

Download a messaging program. It can be both ICQ, Qip, Miranda, Skype messengers, and mail programs (The Bat, Outlook). Also, to send messages through these programs, you must have a registered account with them. If you are not registered, then first register and activate your account. If you are a user of these programs, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

If you need to send an instant message, you find the recipient in the list, click on it with the mouse, and write a message in the window that opens, and then click the "Send" or "Send" button. If your interlocutor is currently online and in front of the monitor, he will receive your message instantly. Wait for an answer.

Step 3

If you need to send not just a message, but a letter, then go to your mailbox (or a website with mail). Then click the "Write a letter" button. A form for a letter will open, in the top line of which you will enter the recipient's address, and in the text field of the letter you will write your message. The second way - you can click on the "Reply" button in the list of letters, and then the recipient's email address will be inserted into the address field automatically.

Step 4

After writing the letter, press the "Send" button, and your message will be instantly delivered.

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