How To Find Friends In ICQ

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How To Find Friends In ICQ
How To Find Friends In ICQ

Video: How To Find Friends In ICQ

Video: How To Find Friends In ICQ
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ICQ (icq) is a simple and convenient program that does not take up much space on your computer. It helps to solve business issues when partners are far from each other - to ask a small question you do not need to call by phone, you just need to write it in ICQ, and in a few seconds you will receive an answer, which significantly saves time. And teenagers fell in love with this program for the ability to find new friends.

How to find friends in ICQ
How to find friends in ICQ


ICQ program installed on a computer, Internet access


Step 1

Run the program and click on the "Add / Find Users" icon. As a result, a new window with several tabs will appear. If you know the name, email address or nickname of a friend, then you need "Simple Search".

Step 2

Enter your friend's details. In the appropriate lines, you must enter what you know about your friend. The easiest way is if you know the icq number or email address. In this case, you can immediately find exactly the person you need. Otherwise, you can enter the supposed nickname of a friend, his name and surname, then the program can provide you with several users to choose from, since there are a lot of different "tsars" and Ivanov Petrovs in the global network, you will have to consider each.

Step 3

Identify your friend. Of the total number of users issued by the program, you need to find exactly the one you need. The gender / age column will help with this. Knowing the date of birth of a friend, you can identify him. If there are several people who are suitable for age, you will have to write messages to everyone.

Step 4

Find new friends in ICQ. In addition to finding your own real friends, icq is famous for the possibility of making new acquaintances. To do this, click on the Add / Find Users icon again and open the Global Search tab.

Step 5

Enter the details of your prospective friends. Here you write whatever you want - gender, age, country, interests, profession, you can even indicate the name of the person with whom you want to communicate.

Step 6

Choose a suitable friend from the list. As a result of the selection, you will also get many users. Pay attention to those, near whose nicknames the "flower" is green - this means that the user is online, and you can immediately start a correspondence.

Step 7

Send the selected user a message. This could be the standard "Hello, how are you?" or something new and unusual that will surely interest the interlocutor, and he will want to answer you.