How To Make A Regular Door In Minecraft

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How To Make A Regular Door In Minecraft
How To Make A Regular Door In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Regular Door In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Regular Door In Minecraft
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A door is a mechanism that allows you to close and open passages in Minecraft. There are two types of doors - iron and wooden. The latter can be made in the early stages of the game and used to defend against monsters.

How to make a regular door in minecraft
How to make a regular door in minecraft

How do I create a door?

A wooden door can only be crafted on a workbench using any planks. You will need six blocks of planks for the door and four for the workbench. Boards are made from wood that is extracted with bare hands from the trunk of any tree.

Find the nearest suitable tree, aim the "sight" at it, press and hold the left mouse button until you get a block of wood. Repeat the procedure three times. Keep in mind that your radius of action is three blocks.

Open the inventory window. There is a so-called crafting area in it - these are four cells located in a square to the right of your character's image. This area is needed for crafting items. Place the extracted wood in any cell, remove the boards from the final window. Now place the four boards, filling all the crafting slots, this is how you make a workbench.

Open double doors allow boats to pass through.

Place the workbench on the ground, after creating the door, you can disassemble it with the left mouse button. Bring up the workbench interface with the right mouse button. A crafting area of three by three blocks will open in front of you. It is with her help that in the future you will create weapons, tools, mechanisms, armor and other items. Arrange six boards to fill any two adjacent verticals (six squares). This will give you the door.

Why do we need doors?

When installing the door, the hinges are always on the left and the handle on the right. The "right" door can be obtained by installing double doors in adjacent cells. They work independently of each other, so many players synchronize them using the in-game analogue of electricity - redstone.

You can safely walk on the upper edges of the doors.

Doors are needed not only to protect your own home. In the villages that can be found in the game world, residents consider doors surrounded by blocks to be their homes. That is, the number of dwellings in a settlement is counted by the number of doors. With their help, you can expand any village so that more inhabitants appear in it.

Due to the nature of the game engine, ordinary wooden doors can be used as stationary air shelters underwater. It is enough to set the door to the bottom and open it by clicking the right mouse button. This will create an air bubble in which the character can breathe.

Wooden doors can be opened manually. The iron ones are opened only with switches that activate the redstone signals. At the same time, at high levels of difficulty, aggressive monsters can break down a wooden door, but an iron one is too tough for them.

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