How To Make A Combination Lock On A Door In Minecraft

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How To Make A Combination Lock On A Door In Minecraft
How To Make A Combination Lock On A Door In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Combination Lock On A Door In Minecraft

Video: How To Make A Combination Lock On A Door In Minecraft
Video: Minecraft Redstone combination lock door tutorial! 2023, December

Many gamers who love the multiplayer version of Minecraft often ask themselves the question of how to better protect their home and the belongings in it from the assassination attempt by griefers. One of the options for solving this problem would be to create a combination lock on the door.

With a combination lock, the door will be incredibly difficult to open
With a combination lock, the door will be incredibly difficult to open

Making simple constipation

Implementing such an intention will be a very painstaking task and requires a certain amount of resources based on a redstone. It will certainly be redstone dust, which plays the role of wires in any mechanical device, as well as red torches. In addition to them, repeaters (repeaters) can also be involved - depending on which model of the lock is chosen.

If a gamer prefers the least expensive way to protect his home, a door lock with a code without numbers will suit him. A certain combination of levers will open the entrance to the dwelling (or, for example, to the room with the most valuable things). Which one is up to the player himself. However, it is best that at least five or six of them are involved - this will make it more difficult for outsiders to find the code.

On the wall of the house next to the door, you need to set the desired number of levers, press those of them that will open the door, and place red torches on the back opposite them. Opposite the mechanisms that will not be used in combination, any solid blocks must be placed. However, the secret is to set them not directly at the level of inactive levers, but one cube below. A path of redstone dust should be drawn across this block system.

After a couple of blocks from this structure, it is worth mounting a lamp, and next to it on the back of the wall, put perpendicular to that pair of blocks, on the top of which (at the level of the lamp) stick a red torch. The light will serve as an indicator of the correct combination.

Now it is necessary to close the entire rear of the mechanism with another wall of very strong blocks (ideally - obsidian or even bedrock) - so that the other player does not have the opportunity to spy on the entered code. After that, it is necessary to bring the path from the redstone to the door from the mechanism and also mask it with something.

Sophisticated door lock

However, it is important to understand: the chances of breaking into the entrance to the dwelling will depend on the degree of complexity of the locking device. Therefore, it is still better not to save on resources and create a more intricate design.

To begin with, on a sheer wall, at intervals of one block, you need to install nine buttons. They will correspond to the same order as the numbers on the combination lock in real life (top row - 7-9, middle - 4-6, bottom - 1-3). By the way, you can put a plate in the same place, providing it with an inscription explaining everything that is said above.

On the back of the wall, opposite each button, you need to place red torches, from each of which you will then need to draw electrical circuits from the redstone and bring them to one line. In each of these wires, you will probably need to use at least one repeater. Its delay is set to the number of exactly such devices were involved in each specific circuit.

The next step is to select the code that will open the door. It can be any three digits. In accordance with the order in which they will be pressed, you should select the delay of the repeaters going to them. For the first of the dialed digits, it should be set to three, for the second - to two, for the third - to one. This is necessary in order for the locking mechanism to work.

In the common circuit, it is imperative to install an inverter (NOT gate) so that the door receives a signal only if the correct combination is entered. Next, the wire should go to any memory cell (even the simplest one will do - for example, from blocks in the form of a letter G with two buttons and red torches), and already from it it must be divided into two branches. The first will go to the door, the second to the floor button, which allows opening the locking mechanism after entering the code.

Now it is necessary to bring the signal so that it goes straight to the entrance, but at the same time does not reach a special solid block that plays the role of a purifier. But the latter must be connected directly to the opening button - so that after the player enters the room, the combination he typed does not hold the door open, and it can be locked again.

The opening mechanism is quite simple. There simply goes a wire from redstone to a red torch that plays the role of a lock. For the above circuit to work, of course, you should periodically insert repeaters on it. If the gamer does everything correctly, he will get a very reliable coded locking device.