How To Replace Music In Minecraft

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How To Replace Music In Minecraft
How To Replace Music In Minecraft

Video: How To Replace Music In Minecraft

Video: How To Replace Music In Minecraft
Video: How You Can Replace Minecraft Background Music - Change to Custom Minecraft Music Java 2023, May

After a player gets records in Minecraft and makes a player to listen to them, his gameplay will go more fun - as is usually the case with music. However, many have a problem: the melodies sounding there are not to their liking. But there is an opportunity to replace them with your favorite ones.

Music will create a good mood for the game
Music will create a good mood for the game


  • - Minecraft Forge;
  • - sites for converting file formats;
  • - special programs and mods


Step 1

If you experience about the same difficulties: standard melodies from "minecraft" records drive you into despondency and melancholy - you can try to replace them with your own. Just keep in mind that this process is quite laborious. However, if you believe that the result - your favorite music sounding from the turntable - is worth any time investment, then go for it. First, install Minecraft Forge if you haven't already.

Step 2

Now download the music you need or find it on your computer. Go to any site where mp3 is converted to the ogg format required for the game. Find the "Select file" button on it and open a document with the melody that you plan to install in Minecraft in the window that appears. Be sure to check the box next to "Normalize sound", otherwise it will be impossible to predict what the quality of the resulting music will be.

Step 3

After all these preparatory steps, click on the words "Convert file". Wait until it is converted to ogg format, and then save the resulting song to your computer (while in the name of the resulting file, avoid underscores and spaces). Install the special More Records Mod by throwing everything that is in its put in resources into the.minecraft folder (in Minecraft Forge). Then move the document with the converted melody to this address:.minecraft \ resources \ mod \ streaming.

Step 4

Unpack the put in mods folder in the archive with the above mod. There will be two new directories - darkhax and textures. First, work with the first of these folders. Download and install the In Class Translator program. Run it and click "Open" in it. Find the folder where the More Records Mod would be unpacked, and go to this address: darkhax \ eightbit \ common \ BitConfiguration.class. A window will open with many lines, leave the first two unchanged. Next, replace the Dont Fear The Reaper value with the name of your musical composition (without indicating the file extension with it), and after it in that line there should still be two words - item value. Do the same with Dont Fear The Reaper rarity.

Step 5

Open the BitItems.class file in In Class Translator and replace the above melody name with your own in the same way. Then go to darkhax \ eightbit \ lib \ Artist.class and instead of the name of the music group indicated there, insert the name of the artist / band performing the song that you are adding to the game. Continue doing similar transformations in Reference.class, darkhax \ eightbit \ objects \ items \ ItemBitRecord.class, and then textures \ items. Zip the changed darkhax and textures back into the jar and place it in.minecraft \ mods. Now the record will play exactly the melody you need.

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