How To Play Games In Mail

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How To Play Games In Mail
How To Play Games In Mail

Video: How To Play Games In Mail

Video: How To Play Games In Mail
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You can play games in the mail without preparation, but it is still better to try to follow the instructions. Develop your own strategy and use it. There is a general statement about these games that is useful to know.

How to play games in mail
How to play games in mail


Step 1

Go to the mail using your account. The site contains a large number of strategy and multiplayer games. Choose the type of game by content or difficulty: easy, simple, browser-based, mini-game, game in My World.

Step 2

Get acquainted with the rules, read the instructions for the game, find out which keys to control. Exercise. Follow the sequence of steps as you wish. You can immediately start playing by trial and error, for this you need to select the appropriate team.

Step 3

In each game, a base rating is given, which can be increased by defeating opponents, or it can be reduced to the point of complete impossibility to enter the game without replenishment to your account.

Step 4

In any email game, you can fund your account with real money. They should be used to increase the rating or get hints, protection and other additional functions. Nobody forces you to pay, you can successfully complete tasks without investing a penny.

Step 5

Pay attention to the bonuses received, not all of them are useful. Some are intended for the player, others for the opponent, they can reduce or increase the playing time, add points, disable them for a few seconds. Use bonuses wisely.

Step 6

The game can be designed for two people, for example, "Balda" is suitable for lovers of word manipulation. You need to add a letter to the already existing inscription so that a new word appears. In the allotted time, you take turns completing the task, whoever has more points won. Sit back more comfortably and start the competition.

Step 7

The game can include a large number of players, speed is important. The system itself chooses opponents. This can be seen, for example, in the Monsters Laboratory mini-game, in which several people take part.

Step 8

Be prepared that when downloading or playing online in a certain category of games, after some time you may be informed that in order to continue playing, you need to deposit a certain amount. Quality requires money, decide in advance whether it is worth depriving yourself of virtual pleasure.

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