How To Sell Tanks

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How To Sell Tanks
How To Sell Tanks

Video: How To Sell Tanks

Video: How To Sell Tanks
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While playing the game World of Tanks, you will notice that over time, many tanks become unnecessary and there is a need to free up space in the hangar. Therefore, tanks that are not needed are sold.

How to sell tanks
How to sell tanks

Tank sale

To sell a tank, move the cursor over the slot with this tank and press the right mouse button. A pop-up menu will appear, in which you need to select the "Sell" item and left-click on it.

As a result, a window for selling a tank will appear. At the top of this window, you will see the image and name of the car, as well as the selling price. The sale price is fixed and depends on the purchase price of the tank and the modules installed on it.

Since the sold tank has a crew, after the sale it must be put somewhere. In the next sale window, possible actions are offered: demobilize the tankers or drop them into the hangar. If the crew is pumped up to 100% and there are pumped skills and abilities, it is better to land them in the barracks in order to retrain them for another tank in the future. If the crew is not pumped, it is not a pity to demobilize it.

The next item is the details of the sale. At this point, you can select the actions that need to be performed with the ammunition, equipment and equipment of the tank: sell or unload it to the warehouse. Shells for high-tier tanks, and especially premium shells (gold), are quite expensive and in order to save them it is better to save them. Selling equipment also makes no sense - it will always be used when playing on other tanks.

The equipment has a high cost, comparable to the cost of a Tier III-VI tank. Therefore, it is not worth selling it either. Simple equipment can be unloaded to the warehouse, complex equipment can be dismantled for 10 units of in-game gold.

The next item is the grand total. It indicates the exact amount of in-game silver that the player will receive after the sale of the tank, taking into account the sale of ammunition and equipment.

The last item is confirmation of the sale. It was introduced in response to numerous complaints from players who accidentally sold an expensive tank. In a special window, you must manually enter the total cost of selling the tank and click on the "Sell" button.

If the player changes his mind about selling the selected combat vehicle, the “Cancel” button is provided to exit the sale window.

Selling nuances

Each tank sells for half the purchase price. Therefore, think carefully before selling tanks in the hangar. Selling tanks too often and buying others will lead to "bankruptcy" - the total amount of silver will decrease so much that it will only be enough to buy low-tier tanks.

Premium tanks purchased with in-game gold or in the premium store can also be sold. Their cost is calculated based on the cost of the game gold spent on them. This gold is converted into in-game silver at the rate of 1 unit. gold = 400 units of silver and is halved. That is, a tank bought for gold can only be sold for silver. You can return an item after the sale only once for each account after contacting the Customer Support Center.

Promotional and gift tanks are also considered premium and are sold for silver. Gift and promotional tanks will not be returned.

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