How To Install The Client In Minecraft

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How To Install The Client In Minecraft
How To Install The Client In Minecraft

Video: How To Install The Client In Minecraft

Video: How To Install The Client In Minecraft
Video: How To Download & Install The Badlion Client for Minecraft (Complete Guide to Badlion!) 2023, May

Not every novice gamer knows that Internet access is not required to enter Minecraft. It is possible to play it even in the absence of a connection, if you first install a special software product - a client. In order for it to work correctly, its installation must be carried out correctly.

How to install the client in Minecraft
How to install the client in Minecraft


  • - Java
  • - installation files for the client
  • - archiver


Step 1

Through the Minecraft client, you can enjoy the gameplay of your favorite game without the need for an online connection. This way of entering it is a great alternative to playing in a browser. After installing the above software product, you will not be deprived of the opportunity to "minecraft" even if there is no Internet connection. However, this does not apply to the very first time you turn on the game. When you first start gameplay in it, launch it in the usual way, not through the client. Subsequent logins are carried out by any available method - both through the browser and through the client.

Step 2

Make sure you have Java installed - without this software platform, which provides graphical support for the game, the latter will not start. Download the installer for this product from the official website of the company producing it, if this has not been done before. Select there the version corresponding to the bitness of your system (if your computer is running Windows). Stay with the latest Java update. Download its installer and start the installation process. It is almost completely automated. All you need to do is confirm (by ticking the desired item) the acceptance of the license agreement, select the installation path, and also click on "Continue", "OK" and other similar inscriptions.

Step 3

Download the Minecraft client from a trusted source. It can be clean or with mods already installed. The latter is better in a situation where you intend to use such modifications. Open the folder with the client through the archiver first, and then - in the next window -.minecraft. Find the latter on the C drive in the Documents and Settings directory (if you have XP) or Users (for the seventh, eighth Windows or Vista). There will be your username, then - AppData or Application Data and inside it - the folder you are looking for. Now in.minecraft find versions and inside it create a new directory, giving it whatever name you want. Open it.

Step 4

Transfer to the above folder both files (if there are only two of them) from the archive with the client installers. One of these documents must be with a.jar extension. Now launch the Minecraft launcher and create a new profile in it - for the client you just installed. To do this, select it from the drop-down list. Save the changes made (by clicking Save) and go to the gameplay under the new profile.

Step 5

If in your case there were many files in the archive with the client (and not two, as in the situation described above), try a different installation method. Open the.minecraft directory in a way that is already known to you and just move all the installation documents there. They will automatically install to the correct folders. Don't worry if this process takes a lot of time (how long this will last depends on the power of your computer). Confirm file and folder replacements when required. Launch the launcher again. Select a new profile, and in it - your client and confirm everything by clicking the appropriate button. Enter the gameplay.

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