How To Send A Password By Email

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How To Send A Password By Email
How To Send A Password By Email

Video: How To Send A Password By Email

Video: How To Send A Password By Email
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There are few computer users who are not familiar with the password system. Passwords are needed everywhere - both for creating accounts on a computer, and for registering on sites. Sometimes it becomes necessary to send one of the passwords by e-mail.

How to send a password by email
How to send a password by email


Step 1

Such a need most often appears when you want to restore your password, if you have forgotten it and cannot log in. In this case, the site administration is responsible for sending the password and uses an automatic data recovery system for this.

Step 2

Go to the site for which you lost your password. Next to the authorization cell, click the text link "Forgot your password" or a similar entry. When a page with an empty window for entering an e-mail box appears on the screen, enter its address and click on OK or "Next".

Step 3

Open the page with the required mail server in a new tab, enter the mail and check the "Inbox" section. Among the new letters, you will see a message from the site administration, where information about your password will be registered.

Step 4

Some sites prefer to work not with an automatic recovery system, but with a page for entering security questions. These questions were written during the registration process on the site, and the answers to them serve as the basis for password recovery. Quite often, situations arise when the user does not remember the answer. In this case, a password is generated automatically and also sent to your e-mail.

Step 5

To get a new password, use the "Forgot your password" link and go to the security question page. Enter an arbitrary answer and click on "Next" or "Continue".

Step 6

A message will appear on the screen that you will receive a new password for the additional e-mail box, which you specified during the registration process. Enter the address of the second mail in the corresponding window and click "Continue" or on a similar entry.

Step 7

Open the page with the additional mailbox in the parallel tab and check for new messages. Find the email sent from the site with the new temporary password and rewrite the information you need.

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