How To Go Online From A Netbook

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How To Go Online From A Netbook
How To Go Online From A Netbook

Video: How To Go Online From A Netbook

Video: How To Go Online From A Netbook
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Internet access from a netbook running a Linux or Windows operating system is carried out in the same way as from a regular laptop, and therefore does not require explanation. But if the Android OS is installed on the netbook, there are difficulties with connecting a 3G modem to it.

How to go online from a netbook
How to go online from a netbook


Step 1

Immediately after connecting to a computer, the modem starts emulating a removable CD-ROM drive. This virtual disk contains a special program for maintaining the modem. It is she who switches the device to the mode in which it works as a modem. Usually only the Windows version of this program is recorded on it, but sometimes a Linux version is attached in addition to it. On an Android netbook, you will not be able to run either version of the program. Therefore, connect the modem to a regular computer with Linux (if there is an appropriate version of the program) or Windows, start the program, find in its menu the item that allows you to disable the entry of the PIN, and then disable it if it has not been done before.

Step 2

If the PIN-code input mode is enabled, a program is recorded on the virtual disk of the modem only for Windows, and you do not have a single computer running this OS, temporarily move the SIM-card from the modem to the phone. You will most likely not be able to access the Internet from your phone, since some of these cards are protected from being used outside the modem. But you will most likely be able to disable the input of the PIN-code using the corresponding menu item of the device. Once done, move the card back to the modem. De-energize both the telephone and the modem with each change.

Step 3

If you need to enter a USSD command to connect to unlimited Internet, do it simultaneously with steps 1 or 2 (in the first case, from a computer, in the second, from a phone). It is impossible to enter such a command from an Android netbook. Remember that in roaming, the Internet will not be unlimited all the same.

Step 4

Connect the modem back to your regular computer. If it is running Linux, run the Minicom program in it, and if it is running Windows, run Hyper Terminal. In the first program, select / dev / ttyACM0 for the port name, in the second, select the name of the modem. Establish a connection to the modem, and then issue the command to it: AT ^ U2DIAG = 0.

Step 5

Close the connection in the terminal program and disconnect the modem. Plug it back in, then make sure it is no longer recognized as a removable CD-ROM drive.

Step 6

Without connecting the modem to a netbook running the Android operating system, go to its menu and select the following item: "Settings" - "Wireless networks" - "Access points (APN)". Enter the settings recommended by the operator. Make sure that there are no errors in the name of the access point. It must contain the word "internet".

Step 7

Connect the device to a netbook running the Android operating system. Reload it. Then just fire up your browser and start browsing the internet.