How To Write A Long Status

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How To Write A Long Status
How To Write A Long Status

Video: How To Write A Long Status

Video: How To Write A Long Status
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Brevity is, of course, the sister of talent. But sometimes you want to express your thought in as much detail as possible, but the restriction on symbols in the status does not allow you to do this. It turns out that this limitation can be easily circumvented.

How to write a long status
How to write a long status


Computer with Internet access


Step 1

At the moment, you can write a status with a length of no more than 160 characters. A phrase longer than this limitation will be mercilessly truncated and incomplete. You can remove this limitation yourself and increase the number of characters. You can write a long status only through the Opera browser, for this, download it from the Internet, if you do not have it, and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Go to the Internet through Opera on your page on the social network and click "Edit Status". After that, right-click on the input line and select "Source Code" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

To put a large status, press the key combination CTRL + F on your keyboard, enter the text maxlength there and press the Enter button. Opera will find the codeword maxlength and highlight it. Then remove maxlength = "160". ("160" is the character limit). After completing these steps, click in the upper left corner of the "Apply Changes" tab.

Step 4

Then go back to the tab where the social media page is open where you edited the status. Now you can make long status by writing text up to 256 characters. Remember that spaces are also considered characters. Please also note that the status will not be displayed in several lines, but in one line, since the moderators have removed the ability to write the status in several lines.

Step 5

You can independently enter the status text in the field, or you can copy the phrase you like from any source. To do this, circle the phrase and press Ctrl + C. Then return to the page where you edited the status, place the cursor in the status input field and press the Ctrl + V key combination. The text will appear in the status. Hit Enter.

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