How To Create Your Password

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How To Create Your Password
How To Create Your Password

Video: How To Create Your Password

Video: How To Create Your Password
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The Internet is expanding its boundaries every day, but the threat to the safety of personal information is also growing rapidly. To protect it, you need to use stronger passwords. There are several easy ways to make your password better and more secure.

How to create your password
How to create your password


Step 1

First, let's look at the process of cracking passwords. Most people use very simple passwords like a set of numbers. These passwords have the lowest protection against hacking. To crack passwords, special programs are used. Modern cracking programs operate at a speed of 500,000 passwords per second. For example, if your password consists of six digits, then such a password will be cracked in two seconds. How can you protect yourself from this type of attack when all sorts of passwords are being tried at such high speeds. It's actually simple.

Step 2

First, you need to use long passwords. They must be at least 15 characters long. Such a password will be cracked over the course of decades, given the state of the art. This is perfectly acceptable for us.

Step 3

Secondly, the password must contain not only numbers, but also letters, spaces, and various characters. Take the word "landmark" as an example. This word contains 21 letters. A cracking program will work on such a password for trillions of years.

Step 4

However, hackers have special dictionaries containing all the words of the Russian language. Let's say there are 200,000 words in the Russian dictionary. The cracking program runs at 500,000 words per second. It is not difficult to calculate how many seconds your password will be cracked in, this is less than a second. Therefore, do not use words of the Russian language, and not only Russian, as a password.

Step 5

The quality of the password depends on two values, the length of the password and the variety of characters. Symbols are understood as upper and lower case letters, numbers, spaces or special characters. The richer the variety of characters in the password, the more difficult it is to crack it. But these passwords are more difficult to remember. Therefore, it is better to create passwords that are easy to remember. For example, take a word or better a few words and deliberately make a few mistakes. Such a password will be more secure.

Step 6

Hacking your password via the Internet is very difficult for a number of reasons, such as speed limit, limitation of the number of acceptable mistakes when entering a password, and a number of others. But if a cracker gains access directly to your computer and downloads his programs for cracking on it, then you will need the password that we talked about above.

Step 7

The password setting procedure is very simple. When the computer boots up, press and hold the Delete button, this is the BIOS entry. In the menu, find Password and enter the password, then press F10, and in the window that opens, Yes. The password has been set. Be sure to remember it, or better write it down, because if you lose it, you will not start your computer. This is the most reliable protection for your computer today.