How To Create A New Login Password

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How To Create A New Login Password
How To Create A New Login Password

Video: How To Create A New Login Password

Video: How To Create A New Login Password
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Login and password are the necessary parameters for entering the site, social network, e-mail. They are required in order to exclude fraudsters from accessing your profile.

How to create a new login password
How to create a new login password

It is necessary

personal computer with Internet access


Step 1

When registering on the site, as well as during the creation of an e-mail box, the user is required to enter a login - a unique name with which the user logs into his account or mail. It's not so difficult to come up with it, especially since each postal resource offers several options for the name of the user account, which are presented in the form of a small list. As a rule, the types of such a login are based on the previously entered data - first name, last name, date of birth.

Step 2

When creating your own "name", you can use one of the available options or enter your own. In this case, you can vary with your own name, surname, date, add numbers, letters and special characters. Try to create a user-friendly login so that in case of loss it would be possible to restore it. For example, a user with the name Ivanova Irina Sergeevna will use a login of the form [email protected]. You can also include parts of relatives' names, pet names, any other words and symbols in your account.

Step 3

As for the password, unlike the login, it should be much more complicated and tricky. To write it, use the alphanumeric value with the addition of special characters. Alternate cipher characters in any order.

Step 4

But in any case, do not use part of your login as a password. Also, do not include your passport data, date of birth, place of residence in it. Remember: the stronger the password, the more characters it contains, the higher the protection of your data. But most importantly, do not forget your password yourself. Therefore, for your own convenience, save it in a text document or in a special notepad.

Step 5

To exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to your data on social networks, to e-mail, games, never give your username and password to anyone. Change them once a month for reliability.

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