How To Maintain Your Site

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How To Maintain Your Site
How To Maintain Your Site

Video: How To Maintain Your Site

Video: How To Maintain Your Site
Video: How to Maintain a Website: A Complete Guide 2023, December

Websites, intellectual property are real estate of the XXI century. Popular resources, with due care, can generate solid ad and direct selling income for their owners. Besides, being the owner of a website is quite prestigious. Like any property, sites require a certain amount of work.

How to maintain your site
How to maintain your site

Hosting and domain

Once a month, you need to renew the hosting (the service of providing space on the server), and once a year - the domain name. If you miss the moment of timely payment for hosting, you risk the positions of your site in the search results.

For resources that receive the main profit from placing contextual advertising or selling links, the deterioration of the search results is a serious failure. If you forget to renew your domain name, you risk losing your site altogether. Therefore, you shouldn't joke with hosting and domain name. Fortunately, the cost of these services is usually low, and the provider companies, in most cases, notify the due date in advance.

Regular filling with content

An equally important process is the constant addition of quality articles and images to the site. Each webmaster solves content problems differently. Someone writes articles on their own and uploads personal photos to the audience.

You can buy high-quality photos on microstocks for little money. One of the

If you do not have much time, or require large volumes of articles, it is easier to contact the freelance exchange. On or you can find suitable artists for a small fee. So, it turns out that maintaining a website and developing an info business is profitable and effective.

You can increase your content by taking advantage of pre-made article stores. This method is even faster and easier than working with freelancers.


It is important that your site's content is search engine friendly. As a result of this "friendship", you will receive an influx from search engines - and additional profit.

All optimization work can be divided into two groups: internal and external. Internal optimization includes compiling a semantic core (a list of the most important keywords for your topic), linking (links from internal pages of your site to sections of your own resource).

External work means the purchase of links on other sites close to your subject. They can be rented ( or bought "forever" ( The easiest way to promote your website is to use both strategies in parallel. Please note: when buying links, it is important that they look as natural as possible: different anchors (the text of the hyperlink, which will be followed by visitors to third-party sites); the links themselves should be bought not only leading to the main page, but also to the internal pages of the resource. How many inbound links should there be? It all depends on the competition. The more the struggle, the more you have to invest in promotion.