How To Top Up An Account In Motive

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How To Top Up An Account In Motive
How To Top Up An Account In Motive

Video: How To Top Up An Account In Motive

Video: How To Top Up An Account In Motive
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Motive - the mobile operator of the Ural region, allows its subscribers to replenish their mobile phone account in various ways. Let's take a look at the main ones with which you will always stay in touch.

How to top up an account in Motive
How to top up an account in Motive

It is necessary

  • - payment cards in denominations of 100, 300, 500 or 1000 rubles;
  • - mobile phone;


Step 1

The easiest way to top up your account in Motiva is to buy a payment card and activate it on your number. Activation is possible with:

- remote service - call the short number 111 and follow the instructions of the consultant;

- USSD service, dial * 101 * card secret code # call key on the phone keypad, a text about successful card activation should appear on the screen;

- IVR service, call ## 916 * secret code of the card # key for sending a call, wait for an answer about the transfer of funds;

- SMS service, write sms-message PCARD [space] the secret code of the card and send to number 1020. In response, you should receive an sms with a successful replenishment of the account.

Step 2

You can replenish your phone account using cash at the Motiv service offices, as well as through various payment systems - QIWI, DeltaPay, CyberPlat, RAPIDA, Svobodnaya Kassa and others. Make sure that there is a Motive icon in the payment terminal and do not forget that you need to enter the phone number in decimal format, that is, without 8 or +7.

Step 3

Deferred payment service allows you to top up your balance by 100 rubles when it is close to zero. To do this, dial the USSD request * 103 * 103 # on the phone keypad, the call key. After 5 days, 100 rubles will be debited from your account

Step 4

Using Mobile Transfer you can top up the account of another Motiv subscriber. To do this, you need to dial the combination * 104 * 108 * recipient's phone number (without 8 or +7) * amount # call key. Please note that at least 50 rubles should remain on the balance after the transfer. You can send no more than 200 rubles per day

Step 5

Service Help Out for those who have true friends. Send a request to a friend * 104 * 106 * subscriber number (with 8) # call button, after which he will receive an SMS message with the text: “Subscriber + 7XXXXXXXXXX asks you to top up his account”, where + 7XXXXXXXXXX is your phone number.

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