How To Top Up An Account In Your Personal Account

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How To Top Up An Account In Your Personal Account
How To Top Up An Account In Your Personal Account

Video: How To Top Up An Account In Your Personal Account

Video: How To Top Up An Account In Your Personal Account
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If you shop online or use social media apps, remember to top up your personal account on time. For the convenience of payment, it makes sense to create an electronic wallet. Thanks to this service, you do not need to deposit funds with each purchase, you just need to transfer them from your wallet to the destination.

How to top up an account in your personal account
How to top up an account in your personal account


Step 1

QIWI is one of the most popular electronic money storage systems; its terminals are easy to find in almost every city. If you have a Qiwi e-wallet, you can use it from any payment terminal. Log in to your personal account through the "Trading account management" menu item. Enter your personal data: username and password. In the "Transfer of funds" section, select the path "QIWI Personal Account". In the menu that appears, indicate to which account you are sending funds, and, if necessary, provide additional information about the account. After that, you will be redirected to the "QIWI Personal Account", where the amount of payment for a specific service will be indicated. Insert bills into the terminal. Please note that from an amount less than 500 rubles. a commission is charged.

Step 2

One of the most popular internet wallets in Russia is the Yandex. Money service. There are several ways to fund your account on this service. If you are using cash, transfer money using a payment terminal. To do this, select the Yandex. Money section in the terminal menu, enter your e-account number and enter the required amount. Please note that most payment machines charge a commission. You can link your bank card to your Yandex. Money account, after which you can remotely manage both accounts at the same time. Online binding is made on the official website of the Yandex service

Step 3

You can replenish your WebMoney account in cash by making a money or postal order, depositing money in the payment terminal or by contacting the WebMoney exchange office. It is also possible to transfer funds from a bank account or pay with electronic money. On the website select the method that suits you and follow the instructions of the system.

Step 4

To deposit funds into the personal account of the Vkontakte website, enter the "Settings" section, open the "Balance" tab. Click on the "Get votes" button and choose any method of replenishing your account convenient for you. Then follow the instructions of the system.

Step 5

If you use Skype's paid services, you may also need to top up your balance. Click on the "Skype" button on the toolbar, select the "Account" section. In the window that opens, enter your personal data and click "Next". The new page will offer you possible payment methods: Yandex. Money, PayPal, Visa, WebMoney. Highlight the option convenient for you, check the box next to "I accept the terms of Skype" and click "Next". Follow the instructions.

Step 6

Users of the online store and other similar stores, in order to replenish their account, need to open the "Personal Account" section on the main page of the site. Click on the link "My account"; log in if the system requires it. Choose a method of replenishing your e-wallet: you can deposit cash through a payment terminal or send by postal or bank transfer, transfer funds from a bank card, from a personal account to WebMoney Check, QIWI terminal, through an Internet bank or other method of electronic money transfer. At the same time, you can either store a certain amount in your online store account, or pay a fee for a specific order. You can also transfer money personally to the courier who delivered your order.